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Being a coffee aficionado, you understand that there's more to a perfect espresso than just having quality beans and a good machine. The right tamper, that will correctly compress the coffee grounds, is a crucial element. However, since tampers are available in varying sizes, shapes and materials, it can be challenging to make the right pick.

The size of your espresso machine's portafilter is key. The tamper should fit snugly inside it, so measure carefully. Material matters too. Stainless steel is strong and easy to clean, while aluminum is light and cheaper. Wooden tampers look nice and feel good but need more care.

After experimenting with different Espresso Tampers, the MATOW 53mm Tamper stood out as a crowd favorite.

This article will explore our top recommendations for espresso tampers, highlighting their standout features and why they could be the perfect addition to your coffee routine.

Best Espresso Tampers

For coffee enthusiasts, crafting the perfect espresso is all about the finer points. Tamping the grounds evenly is key. Having tried and tested numerous tampers, I've compiled a list of the finest ones available. These durable and user-friendly options ensure a consistently delicious cup of espresso with every brew.

Best OverallMATOW 53mm Tamper
Runner UpNormcore V4 53.3mm Tamper 
Budget-friendly OptionIKAPE 53mm Espresso Tamper
58mm Normcore V4 58.5mm Espresso Tamper
Wooden Handle – Cornesty Espresso Tamper
Dual HeadNormcore 58.5mm Dual Head Coffee Leveler

Best Overall

MATOW 53mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper

Best Espresso Tampers - MATOW 53mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper

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If you need to level and tamp your espresso grounds, consider the MATOW Double-Headed Espresso Tamper and Distributor.


  • Compatible with Breville 54mm portafilter baskets.
  • Combined distributor and tamper save time and effort.
  • Adjustable depth feature ensures consistent tamping pressure.


  • May not reach coffee grounds if portafilter isn't filled properly.
  • Confusing screws and unclear instructions may lead to difficulties.
  • Distributor side shouldn't apply heavy pressure to grounds, only for leveling.

The 53mm Adjustable Distributor & Tamper is a versatile tool designed to work with Breville 54mm portafilter baskets, ensuring consistent brews every time.

Its dual-head design combines a distributor and tamper in one, offering convenience and efficiency. With adjustable depth settings, users can customize tamping pressure for their preferred espresso strength.

Pro tips include ensuring proper dosing of coffee grinds and using filtered water for the best results.

Runner Up

Normcore V4 Coffee Tamper 53.3mm

Best Espresso Tampers - Normcore V4 Coffee Tamper 53.3mm

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If you want consistent pressure for your espresso shots, consider the Normcore V4 Coffee Tamper.


  • Easy pressure application with spring-loaded design for even extraction.
  • Customize pressure with 3 springs (15lb, 25lb, 30lb) for preferences.
  • Comfortable, user-friendly design with ergonomic handle.


  • Fits only 54mm Breville portafilters.
  • Some find it heavy for extended use.
  • Limited reviews due to newness on market.

As a coffee enthusiast, I understand the struggle of getting the perfect tamp. Normcore's Spring-loaded Tamper solves this issue with its ingenious leveling guide.

Upgraded from V3, the V4 tamper features a redesigned central shaft and interchangeable springs for customizable pressure. It fits 54mm Breville Portafilters, offering a unique design with a stainless steel base and anodized aluminum handle.

The tamper's spring-loaded mechanism ensures consistent pressure, making it ideal for both home baristas and busy cafes.

Budget-friendly Option

IKAPE 53mm Espresso Tamper

Best Espresso Tampers - IKAPE 53mm Espresso Tamper

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For those seeking a top-notch espresso tamper, consider the IKAPE 53mm Espresso Tamper.


  • Consistent pressure for better espresso.
  • Durable stainless steel base for food safety.
  • Available in multiple sizes with a one-year warranty.


  • Higher price.
  • Potential for jamming during use.
  • Ring pattern may not be very pronounced.

Having used this tamper myself, I can confidently recommend it to any espresso lover. Its spring-loaded design ensures even pressure, resulting in a better-flavored espresso every time.

Made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel, it's safe for food and a great choice for health-conscious individuals.

Available in multiple sizes to fit different portafilters and backed by a one-year warranty, the IKAPE 53mm Espresso Tamper is a top-notch choice for consistent results.


Normcore 58.5mm Espresso Coffee Tamper V4 

Normcore 58.5mm Espresso V4 

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If you want a tamper that ensures a consistent tamp every time, consider the Normcore 58.5mm Espresso Coffee Tamper V4.


  • Achieves consistent tamps every time
  • Ripple base minimizes the risk of doughnut extractions
  • Ergonomic handle with comfortable grip


  • No click at bottom of stroke
  • Coffee grounds can get stuck in the center

The Normcore 58.5mm Espresso Coffee Tamper V4 is my top recommendation for consistent tamping. Its design ensures the same pressure every time, with three interchangeable springs for customization.

The ripple base minimizes uneven extraction, while the ergonomic handle makes tamping easy. Made of durable materials, it's built to last.

The leveling plate ensures a level tamp, and it fits most '58mm' baskets perfectly. Overall, it's a reliable choice for perfect espresso extraction every time.

Wooden Handle

Cornesty Espresso Tamper

Cornesty Tamper

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If you need a good espresso tamper, check out the Cornesty Espresso Tamper.


  • Made of 100% food-safe stainless steel, durable and rust-free
  • Circular baffle design ensures perfectly vertical tamps every time
  • Consistent distribution and pressure for even extraction


  • May not fit all portafilters
  • Some users find the wooden handle uncomfortable to use for long periods of time
  • Higher price point compared to other espresso tampers on the market

As someone who's tried it, I recommend the Food Safe Espresso Tamper. It's made of durable stainless steel and ensures a flat surface in your espresso.

The circular design makes tamping easy for everyone. It gives consistent results every time you use it.

Plus, it comes with a coffee stirrer to improve your brew. It's a great gift for any coffee lover or home barista.

Dual Head

Normcore 58.5mm Dual Head Coffee Leveler

Normcore 58.5mm Dual Head Coffee Leveler

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I recommend the Normcore Coffee Distributor & Tamper for better coffee every time. It's a dual head tool perfect for pros and home baristas.


  • Height-adjustable distributor for consistent coffee density.
  • Spring-loaded tampers reduce hand strain and ensure consistency.
  • Distributor's design moves coffee grounds evenly, reducing friction.


  • Spring-loaded tamper may not compress grounds evenly, leading to inconsistency.
  • Tamper side may be too short if basket isn't dosed correctly.
  • Tamper diameter may not fit all espresso portafilters.

From my experience, I highly recommend the Normcore distributor-tamper combos. They're great for both pros and home baristas. The 58.5mm size fits most baskets and is easy to handle.

You can adjust the distributors to fit different doses and coffee types. The distribution side moves coffee grounds evenly, while the spring-loaded tamper ensures a tight and even tamp.

It's a must-have for better coffee every time.

Espresso Tampers Buying Guide

When searching for the best espresso tamper, it's important to consider a few key features to ensure you get a high-quality product. Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your choice:


When choosing an espresso tamper, consider the material it's made of. Stainless steel is durable but heavier and pricier. Aluminum is lighter and cheaper but less durable.


Tamper size matters too. It should fit your hand comfortably and match your espresso machine. Typically, machines need a 58mm diameter tamper, but always check your machine's specs for the right fit.


Consider the tamper's design too. A flat bottom ensures even coffee distribution and prevents gaps. Look for a comfortable grip for easy use and applying the right pressure.


Price matters too. While it's tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in quality pays off in better espresso. Find a tamper that's reasonably priced and meets your needs for material, size, and design.

Consider these factors to pick a top-notch espresso tamper, ensuring the perfect cup every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should be considered when choosing an espresso tamper?

When choosing an espresso tamper, consider these factors. First, match the size to your machine's portafilter. Ensure the handle feels comfortable to grip and the base is flat for even tamping. Also, check the material for durability and weight.

How does tamper weight impact espresso quality?

The tamper's weight matters for espresso quality. Heavier tampers give a more even tamp, leading to better extraction. Yet, if too heavy, it's hard to get the right pressure, causing extraction issues.

What are the benefits of using a calibrated espresso tamper?

A calibrated tamper provides consistent pressure for a uniform extraction each time. It's handy in commercial settings with multiple baristas. Yet, for home use, it may not be essential.

Can the size of the tamper affect the espresso extraction process?

Match the tamper size to the portafilter for even tamping and extraction. Too small or too large tampers cause uneven results.

Is there a difference between flat and convex tampers for espresso?

Flat and round tampers are both good for making espresso, but they work differently. A flat tamper gives a smooth and even extraction. A round tamper helps keep the coffee bed even and stops gaps from forming.

What are the recommended tampers for the Breville Barista Express?

The Breville Barista Express includes a tamper, yet many users opt for a better one. Any 54mm tamper works, but a comfortable handle and flat base for even tamping are recommended.


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