How to Order Coffee at Dunkin Donuts – A Guide to Dunkin Lingo

ordering coffee at dunkin

Verbiage like Venti, Extra Extra, Swirl and more can make coffee ordering feel like speaking in a different tongue. With the array of coffee drinks available and various coffee shops selling them, using the right jargon and drink names could present a challenging endeavor.

This article will eliminate any confusion you have about ordering coffee at Dunkin as we’ll walk through all the terms you can use to order coffee there and exactly how your coffee is going to be made with each one.

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How to Order Coffee at Dunkin Donuts

What Does on Tap Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

Next-generation Dunkin Donuts stores have an “on tap” beverage system that serves eight different cold coffee and tea drinks out of an air-pressurized bar tap, like that which is used to serve beer in a bar. The available Dunkin “on tap” beverages include Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, Original Blend, Dunkin Decaf, Dark Roast, Green Tea, and Black Tea

What Dunkin Donuts Stores Have On Tap Drinks?
The eight on-tap Dunkin drinks are available at next-generation Dunkin stores , which are stores built in 2018 and after.

The Dunkin on tap system in action is pictured below.

What Does Swirl Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

A flavor swirl at Dunkin Donuts is a sweet, creamy, flavored sweetener that can be added to any drink. Swirl flavors include caramel, french vanilla, hazelnut, and mocha as well as seasonal flavors such as peppermint mocha and butter pecan. Every flavor swirl contains dairy except for mocha.

Flavor swirls add 150-160 calories to a medium-sized drink.

Flavor Swirls at Dunkin are different from Flavor Shots in that the Flavor Shots are sugar and dairy free and usually contain only add 5-10 calories to a medium-sized drink

What Does Regular Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

Ordering coffee “regular” at Dunkin Donuts means ordering coffee with cream and sugar. A small coffee regular at Dunkin includes two creams and two sugar. A medium: three cream, three sugar, a large: four cream, four sugar, and an extra-large: five cream, five sugar.

If you want one less cream, you can ask for your coffee dark

If you want one extra cream, you can ask for your coffee light.

What Does Equal Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

A coffee “equal” at Dunkin Donuts is a coffee sweetened with Equal Zero Calorie Artificial Sweetener. Equal is made with aspartame, acesulfame potassium, dextrose, and maltodextrin. A small coffee Equal at Dunkin will be sweetened with two packets, a medium three, a large four, and an extra-large five.

Other sweeteners available at most Dunkins are Splenda and Sweet N’ Low.

What Does Signature Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

“Signature” drinks at Dunkin are limited edition, flavored lattes. The signature lattes, which can be ordered hot or iced, are made with espresso, milk, whipped cream, flavor drizzle, and toppings such as sprinkles.

Some signature latte flavors include Blueberry Crisp, Caramel Craze, Cocoa Mocha, Salted Caramel, Toasted White Chocolate, and Cake batter.

The signature flavors are seasonal and location dependent, so your local Dunkin may not have all of the above available.

What Does Extra Extra Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

A coffee ordered at Dunkin Donuts “Extra, Extra” is made with Dunkin “Extra, Extra” coffee creamer, which is an extra creamy and sweet-tasting creamer that is made of skim milk, real cane sugar, cream, and water.

To save money and make your own Dunkin coffee at home you can buy Dunkins Extra, Extra Creamer on Amazon here.

Combine the Dunkin creamer with this pack of Dunkin Original Blend Coffee for a taste most similar to that in store.

What Does Light and Sweet Mean at Dunkin Donuts?

A coffee ordered “Light and Sweet” at Dunkin Donuts will be made with one extra cream and sugar. This means that a small “Light and Sweet” Dunkin coffee will contain three creams, three sugar, a medium four cream, four sugar, a large five cream five sugar, and an extra large six cream, six sugar.

I hope this article could clear up any confusion you had about ordering coffee at Dunkin. If you still have questions, I've included a FAQ below. You can also email me with any questions or comments at

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Why Does Dunkin Coffee taste so good?

Dunkin coffee tastes so good compared to other coffee shops because of the short pot life of their brews. Depending on the location, a pot of Dunkin coffee will sit for at most 20 minutes until it's thrown away. This ensures customers are always drinking from a fresh pot, hence the great taste.

How Can I get Free Food at Dunkin?

Most Dunkin locations will include a survey link at the bottom of your order receipt. Fill out the survey, bring your receipt to a Dunkin location, and get a free donut!

When is the Best Time to Get Fresh Donuts at Dunkin?

Most Dunkin locations finish baking their donuts around 8:30-9:00 am. So if you want them fresh, around that time is your best bet. Any donuts available earlier than 9:00 am were probably baked the night before.

Where can I buy Dunkin Donuts Keurig Pods?

You can find a 60 Dunkin K-cup variety pack which includes Original Blend, 100% Colombian, and French Vanilla on Amazon here.

You can get a 60-pack of Original Blend Dunkin Donuts K-cups on Amazon here

What Kind of Cream does Dunkin Donuts Use?
Dunkin cream is so good, I wrote an entire article on it, including what makes it unique and where you can get some yourself. You can read that article here.

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