How to Use Keurig Rinse Pods

You’re ready to clean your Keurig with your fancy new Keurig Rinse Pods. But how exactly do you use Keurig Rinse Pods?
Don’t worry! Using a Keurig Rinse Pod is as easy as brewing a K-Cup.
This article will give you simple instructions on how to correctly use your Keurig Rinse Pods.
We’ll also cover everything else you could possibly need to know about Keurig Rinse Pods.
  • How to Use Keurig Rinse Pods (Easy Instructions)
  • How Does a Keurig Rinse Pod Work?
  • Are Keurig Rinse Pod Ingredients Toxic?
  • How Often Should You Use Keurig Rinse Pods?
  • Keurig Rinse Pods vs Descaling Solution
  • Are Keurig Rinse Pods Necessary?
  • Will My Coffee Taste Bad After Using a Keurig Rinse Pod?

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How to Use Keurig Rinse Pods (Easy Instructions)

Let’s walk through step-by-step instructions for how to use your Keurig Rinse Pod.

1. Begin by placing a large container or bowl on the drip tray to collect the cleaning liquid.


2. Lift the Keurig handle up and insert your Keurig Rinse Pod.


3. Close the handle and select either the 8 or 10 ounce brew size.


4. Press the start or brew button to begin the cleaning process.


5. Once the cleaning process is finished, throw away the Keurig Rinse Pod.


6. Toss out the cleaning liquid from the container on the drip tray.


7. Place the empty container back on the drip tray.


8. Brew 8 ounces of water to get rid of any extra cleaning solution hanging out in the Keurig.


9. Get rid of the water brewed in the container in the drip tray.

Voila! Just like that you have a clean Keurig that’s ready for a fresh cup of coffee.


How Do Keurig Rinse Pods Work?

The Keurig Rinse Pod contains multiple cleaning agents. These cleaning agents are heated up through the Keurig’s brewing process.


This allows the cleaning agents to maximally clean out any oils or residue from prior K-cups.


The cleaning agents will interact with the K-Cup holder, the brewer funnel, and the needles to clean your Keurig.


Keep in mind the Keurig Rinse Pods only clean the K-Cup holder. It will not clean the internal parts of your Keurig.


As a result of this cleaning process, your next cup of coffee will taste fresh.


Are the Keurig Rinse Pod Ingredients Toxic?

You’re probably wondering what cleaning agents are present in a Keurig Rinse Pod. The ingredient list is quite short.


You can locate the list of ingredients on the boxed packaging of the Keurig Rinse Pods.


The cleaning ingredients in a Keurig Rinse Pod include:
  • Citric Acid: A natural compound from citrus based foods
  • Maltodextrin: A fine white powder created from rice, wheat, corn, or potatoes
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: An antacid that you probably know as baking soda
  • Sodium Citrate: A preservative salt that neutralizes acids and comes from citrus

As you can see, all of the ingredients in Keurig Rinse Pods are safe for both you and your Keurig machine.


How Often Should You Use Keurig Rinse Pods?

The Keurig company recommends using Keurig Rinse Pods at least once per week.


They also suggest using them any time after brewing a K-Cup that has a strong flavor.


To optimize the flavor of your coffee and minimize yucky grime, it’s best to follow the Keurig company’s advice.


Keurig Rinse Pods vs Descaling Solution

You might be tempted to think that Keurig Rinse Pods can replace the descaling solution. Unfortunately, this is not the case.


Descaling solution and Keurig Rinse Pods serve different purposes. Check out the table below to clearly understand why you need both.


keurig rinse pod vs descaling solution

Check out this bargain, eco-friendly descaling solution on Amazon to effectively deep clean your Keurig.


Are Keurig Rinse Pods Necessary?

The short answer is yes. If you want delicious coffee that doesn’t taste like a mix of old K-Cup flavors, then Keurig Rinse Pods are essential.

There may be one potential exception. If you only drink the same flavor of coffee or K-Cup each day, you may be able to get away with using them less often.

However, if you don’t use Keurig Rinse Pods your coffee could taste stale or odd. It’s not a risk worth taking if you’re a true coffee lover.

Will My Coffee Taste Bad after Using a Keurig Rinse Pod?

No one likes the flavor of coffee mixed with cleaner.
As long as you are sure to run a water cycle after using the Keurig Rinse Pod, your coffee flavor should not be affected.

If you are concerned about your beverage tasting bad, you can run an additional water cycle. This will help you assure that any lingering cleaner has been flushed out.


Wrapping Up

Using Keurig Rinse Pods can be quick and easy. While it’s tempting to want to skip using them, it’s essential for brewing a tasty cup of coffee with your Keurig.


Keurig Rinse Pods should be used at least once a week and after brewing strong flavored beverages.


Keurig Rinse Pods are NOT the same as a descaling solution. Keurig Rinse Pods only clean the K-Cup holder. Descaling solution will do a deep clean of your Keurig and doesn’t have to be used as often.


Keurig Rinse Pods won’t leave a funky taste in your coffee. All you need to do is run one to two water cycles to avoid your next coffee tasting bad.


Make sure you’re taking good care of your Keurig with their comprehensive Keurig Brew Cleanse Kit on Amazon.


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