What It’s Like Working as a Dutch Bros Barista

dutch bros barista

Dutch Bros has become one of the fastest-growing coffee chains in the U.S. Almost everyone that has visited the coffee shop can rave about their wonderful service and super-cool baristas.

After having such an amazing experience, you can’t help but wonder; what’s it like to actually work as a barista at Dutch Bros?

I’ve spent several days finding the answer to this question and here’s everything I found out:

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Working At Dutch Bros Is Different From Other Coffee Shops

Working at Dutch Bros is a lot like any great coffee shop — however, there are a few things that set the franchise apart from other coffee chains in the U.S.

Love First, Coffee Second

One of the core values of the Dutch Bros brand is kindness and compassion. Each customer that drives up to the coffee shop is supposed to leave with a smile on their face, and baristas are responsible for accomplishing this task. In fact, the first thing new recruits are taught is ‘We serve love first and coffee second’!

You’ll be expected to hold a 30-second conversation with each customer and try to uplift their mood (or identify those who prefer not to chat). If you don’t have an extroverted personality or get pissed off by rude customers, it’s best to consider other employment options as well.

Exceptional Work Culture

Almost every Dutch Bros barista shares a passion for coffee and positivity, creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for new hires. From the franchise manager to the drive-through operators, everyone is committed to making delicious drinks and keeping customers happy.

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Since baristas are so focused on customer service, you’ll experience little politics or quarrels between co-workers. Many ex-employees have made life-long friends and experienced a significant boost in their personal growth during their time at Dutch Bros.

Loads of Perks

What’s a barista job where you can’t get free coffee? At Dutch Bros, you chug down as many espressos and rebels as you want during your shifts. Not only that, but the franchise also gives free Dutch Bros t-shirts and merchandise to their Broistas each month. Otherwise, you can just purchase these cool Dutch Bros Ceramic Tea Mugs from Amazon here.

Students will also be glad to hear that the company contributes around $5,000 towards their Broista’s Education Development Program after they’ve spent a year working at the coffee shop.

High Energy Environment

Dutch Bros operates a chain of drive-through coffee shops where baristas typically work a single position for 4 to 5 hours without breaks. During this period, waiters and window operators will constantly be interacting with customers and putting their social limits to the test.

For those who prefer working in a relaxed atmosphere, this routine can become extremely tiring. However, if you enjoy a challenge and thrive on interacting with people, there’s no better place to be than Dutch Bros. If you’re already a fan of the franchise, get these cool Waterproof Dutch Bros Stickers from Amazon to prove your love!

How To Get A Job At Dutch Bros

Applying to work as a barista at Dutch Bros is a rigorous but rewarding process. After a brief interview, you must complete hands-on training and pass a final test before being assigned to your nearest coffee shop.

Based on our research, here are the stages you can expect to go through after submitting your resume at Dutch Bros:

1. Interview

To become a Broista at Dutch Bros, the first step is an interview process. After your application has been accepted, you'll be invited to the nearest head office for an interview.

The hiring manager will ask you general questions such as your goals, hobbies, interests, and reasons for joining the company. If you successfully pass this stage, you’ll get a call back for on-site training within a week.

2. On-Site Training

Dutch Bros requires each barista to go through extensive training before they’re handed over the controls to the espresso machine. This process is divided into two stages; introduction training and full-shift training.

During the first two days of introduction training, you’ll be taught everything about how the coffee shop works without doing any actual work. Each shift lasts around 4 hours and candidates are paid training wages during this period.

Next, you’ll go through 8 to 10 days of full-shift training with a supervisor. This is the part where you’ll truly experience being a Broista and serving coffee to customers. While this stage can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, you’ll be paid regular wages and gradually become used to the routine.

3. Examination

Once you have completed training, you’ll be required to give a 100-question test based on your learning from the full-shift training period. If you manage to get more than 90% grades on this test, you'll officially be hired as a Broista for Dutch Bros.

But if you fail, you will have to go through full-shift training from the beginning before being allowed to reappear for the test.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Dutch Bros?

The official minimum age requirement for working at Dutch Bros is 16 years. However, this figure can vary depending on which state you’re working in.

Much of the workforce at Dutch Bros consists of college students starting their first job. It's the perfect place to gain some work experience, make new friends, and earn some extra cash on the side.

How Much Do You Get Paid To Work At Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros pays its baristas by the hour. The average hourly pay for a barista at Dutch Bros is between $15 to $16, though it can vary from state to state.

Baristas can choose to work one to three shifts each day. To work more than one shift, employees will have to inform their shift lead or manager beforehand. The timings for these shifts are:

    • 5 AM to 11 PM
    • 11 PM to 5 PM
    • 5 PM to 11 PM

What Is The Dutch Bros Barista Uniform?

As per Dutch Bros’ website, there is no dress code and the franchise actively encourages and expects personal expression in terms of apparel.

You’re allowed to have beards, colored hair, facial and body piercings, nail polish, and tattoos that aren’t offensive.

Baristas can also wear all kinds of tops and bottoms. The only condition is that they aren’t too revealing and you’re wearing a Dutch Bros t-shirt/apron on top.

As for the restrictions, you cannot wear athletic wear or sweat wear such as basketball shorts during your shifts. Employees are also discouraged from wearing ripped jeans and hats that display any other logo besides Dutch Bros.

Thanks for your time! If you have any questions or are someone who has worked at Dutch Bros and has some corrections for this article please get in touch with us using the information below.


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