What Keurig Model You Have – With Pictures!

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With so many different types and models of Keurig coffee makers out there, It can be tough to remember which kind of Keurig you own. So how can you figure out what Keurig you have if you're not sure?

To figure out what model of Keurig you have without using the box or manual, find the serial number on the brewer either behind the removable drip tray or water reservoir, or on the bottom of the brewer. You can then google this letter and number combination to find your Keurig model online.

If you can’t find your Keurig's serial number because either it rubbed off or you're just not able to check it right now, I have pictures and model descriptions below to help you find your Keurig among the most popular models.

How to Find the Serial Number and Model Details of Your Keurig

Every Keurig coffee maker has a lightly engraved letter and number combination on it called a serial number or the model details that will tell you exactly what model of Keurig it is. A few examples of Keurig model details are: K10, K250, or K575

Unfortunately, the location of the serial number and model details will differ depending on the type of Keurig you have.

If you’re Keurig has a water reservoir on the side of it, you’ll probably be able to find the serial number on the main body of the Keurig behind the removable drip tray.

If it’s not there, remove the side water reservoir and check on the side of the Keurig behind it.

If your Keurig has it’s water reservoir on the back you can actually slide that water reservoir up to remove it and you should be able to find the serial number behind it.

If you have a Keurig with no removable water reservoir the serial number should be on the bottom of the brewer.

Once you find the serial number and model type, you can google either one to find the model of Keurig you have.

Pictures and Descriptions of the Most Popular Keurig Models

Finding the engraved model type on the body of your Keurig brewer is the easiest way to figure out which model you have. But if you can’t get your serial or model type at the moment, you can use the pictures and descriptions below to find your Keurig.

Click on any of the rose colored buttons to go directly to that coffee maker's Amazon page.

Keurig K15

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The Keurig K15 replaced the now-discontinued K10, but they’re both pretty much the same thing. This brewer has a “fill before each use” water reservoir on top and only 2 buttons: “power” and “brew.”

Keurig K-Classic, K-Select, and K-Elite

Keurig K-Select

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The K-Classic, K-Select, and K-Elite are Keurig's most popular line of single serve brewers.

The K-Classic is the most basic of the three, with 3 cup sizes and a 48oz water reservoir

The K-Select (pictured above) is similar to the K-Classic, but slightly more compact with a few extra features. Such as a 4 cups size, a slightly larger 52oz water reservoir, quicker brewing time, and a “strong” brew button.

The K-Elite is the most advanced of the three, with a 75oz water reservoir, digital LCD display, high altitude setting, and “strong” “hot water” and “iced” buttons,

Keurig K-Duo Essentials, K-Duo, and K-Duo Plus

Keurig K-Duo

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The K-Duo series allows you to brew a single K-Cup or 60oz of regular ground coffee with the same machine.

The K-Duo Essentials is the most basic K-Duo and includes the ability to brew single K-cups or up to 60oz of carafe coffee. It has 8, 10, and 12oz/cup buttons.

The regular K-Duo (pictured above) has all the features of the K-Duo Essentials but has its brewing sizes arranged in a circle, with 6, 8, 10, and 12oz/cups available. It also has a “strong” brew button and an LCD display.

While the K-Duo Essentials and K-Duo look similar enough to be confused with each other, the K-Duo Plus is pretty easy to tell apart from the 2 with its slim, rectangular shape. It has both carafe and single k cup options, 6, 8, 10, and 12oz/cup buttons, a “strong” brew button, LCD display, and an auto brew that can be programmed to automatically brew your carafe up to 24 hours in advance.

Keurig K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, and K-Slim

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The K-Mini is similar to the K15 in that it is “fill before each use” and only has the two buttons “power” and “brew.” The difference between the two is that the K-Mini is much slimmer at less than 5 inches wide.

The K-Mini Plus looks almost exactly like the K Mini but has an extra “strong” brew button, removable water reservoir, and up to 9 K-cups of storage.

The K-Slim (pictured above) keeps the narrow width of the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus but has a larger 46oz removable water reservoir, a removable drip tray to accommodate taller mugs, and 3 cup sizes of 8, 10, and 12oz.

Final Thoughts

I hope that by either finding your model details on the brewer and googling it or looking through the pictures and descriptions above you were able to find out which Keurig model you have.

If you’d like to learn more about Keurigs, coffee, and brewing tips, be sure to check out the rest of my website!

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