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keurig k duo
How to Descale Keurig K Duo in 40 Mins or Less - With Pictures
Welcome to the world of effortless coffee brewing with your Keurig K-Duo! But even the best machines need a little upkeep. Over time, mineral buildup can affect your machine’s...
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Nespresso machine not pumping water
Nespresso Machine Won't Pump Water | 6 Quick Fixes
As a Nespresso machine owner, you know how valuable that first cup of coffee in the morning can be. So if one day you wake up planning on some coffee and your trusted machine doesn’t...
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cartoon of robusta coffee beans
Where to Find Robusta Coffee in the United States
Robusta coffee, known for its strong flavor and high caffeine content, stands distinctly apart from the more widely consumed Arabica coffee beans. In the United States, where Arabica...
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How to Remove a Keurig Pod Holder - With Pictures
Are you attempting to remove the pod holder from your Keurig to clean it, fix it, or insert a reusable K-cup and having trouble? This guide is for you! We’ll walk through step...
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Why Your Keurig is Shutting Off While Brewing + How to Fix It
I’ve been using my Keurig coffee maker to brew a quick cup of coffee in the morning for almost a year now. Recently, however, my Keurig will at times completely shut off while it’s...
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how to open a jammed nespresso machine
How to Open a Jammed Nespresso Machine
Is your Nespresso machine giving you trouble and refusing to open? It can be frustrating when you’re craving a cup of coffee, but the machine seems to be jammed. However, there...
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