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Which Fast Food Chain Actually Has the Best Coffee?
Coffee aficionados may balk at the thought of ordering coffee at fast food chains and would only get their fix of caffeine at specialty coffee shops. There is a notion that coffee from...
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different coffee brewing methods
No Power? 5 Ways to Make Coffee Without It
There are different ways how you can make coffee at home and most of the time these methods require electricity. But, what if the power goes out? You can’t help it if a power outage...
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What "No Classic" Means at Starbucks
With an extensive list of drinks at Starbucks, it can be overwhelming to order a customized drink if you are used to only ordering what’s on the menu. You may hear phrases such as “a...
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What Does Skinny Mean at Starbucks
Have you ever stepped into a Starbucks store and wondered why the customers are suddenly ordering a skinny drink? I sure did when I first heard someone order it many years ago. I actually...
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stovetop espresso maker
The Best Espresso Makers You Can Use on Your Stovetop
Stovetop espresso makers are a classic way to brew espresso at home. They have two parts – one holds water, and the other holds coffee. You put them on the stove, and they use...
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canned coffee
My Favorite Canned Coffee Brands of 2024
Canned coffee has surged in popularity as a swift caffeine fix. It offers a convenient alternative to brewing at home or detouring to a café. Typically available in single-serving sizes,...
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