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Our Story

AngryEspresso.com was created in early 2021 as my second attempt at blogging. My first blog, everythingkombucha.com, was created in the middle of my Covid-19 pandemic boredom. Unfortunately, not as many people seem to be compassionate about kombucha as I thought, so that blog today is mostly a ghost town.

This 2nd time around I approached a more popular topic: coffee, and it worked! The blog is growing at a solid rate and I actually have an audience that I can help with the articles I write. The articles are monetized with affiliate links but we are currently advertisement free!


Building this brand has been a really fun journey and challenge so far and I'm absolutely pumped to continue to grow. It wouldn't be possible without you reading this so thank you for the support!

If you'd like to work with us please contact me via phone or email below.