About The Team

Hi! I’m Josh, the founder of AngryEspresso.com. I am currently a masters degree nursing student and work on this website in my free time. I also like to spend my free time trail running and spending time with my roommates, which often means watching one of my two favorite TV shows (Rick and Morty and New Girl).


I started AngryEspresso in an effort to combine two of my favorite hobbies: Coffee and Entrepreneurship. My goals with the company are to help others with their questions about coffee and coffee-related topics, as well as create a community of people whom I can share my love of coffee with. I plan on continuing to grow this blog and create AngryEspresso into a real brand that people know and trust.

Currently, all articles are written by me, but I plan on hiring a freelance writer soon in order to free up some of my time