Jobs in the Coffee Industry that Pay a Lot

Jobs in the Coffee Industry

Welcome to our guide on jobs in the coffee world! There are lots of different roles, like making coffee or managing production, and they suit all kinds of skills and experiences.

Whether you're good at business or just love coffee, there's something for you. We'll talk about these jobs, what they involve, and how much they usually pay. So, let's get started!

In this article we'll cover:

  • Understanding the Coffee Industry
  • Where Does Coffee Come From?
  • Identifying Your Passion and Expertise
  • Researching Potential Coffee Industry Jobs
  • Popular Jobs in the Coffee Industry that Pays a Lot
  • Final Thoughts
  • Frequently Ask Questions

Understanding the Coffee Industry

Jobs in the Coffee Industry that Pay a Lot Did you know that in 2022, people spent nearly $110 billion on coffee? Yep, that's a lot of money! And here's something else cool: the coffee creates over 2.2 million jobs in the U.S., paying workers more than $100 billion. So, whether you're thinking about starting your own coffee business, like opening a cozy café or selling your own special blend, or looking for a profession in coffee, you're joining a really big industry!

Now, let's chat about your morning cup of Joe. It's quite the journey! Coffee beans are grown, cared for, roasted, and sent from different parts of the world just to make that delicious brew we all love.

Where Does Coffee Come From?

coffee brazilAccording to the World Economic Forum, Brazil grew a whopping 63.4 million acres of coffee in 2020. Other big coffee producers include:

  • Vietnam: 29 million acres
  • Colombia: 14.3 million acres
  • Indonesia: 12 million acres
  • Ethiopia: 7.3 million acres
  • Honduras: 6.1 million acres

Besides these, India, Uganda, Peru, and Mexico are also top coffee producers. Even though over 70 countries grow coffee, most of it comes from these top five countries.

When you pick a specific type of coffee, like espresso or Colombian, you're connecting to the big world of coffee business. Learning more about your chosen type helps you make smart choices and give your customers the best service.

Identifying Your Passion and Expertise

When looking for jobs in the coffee world, it's important to find ones that match what you care about. For example, you might want to work for a coffee company that cares about fair trade or supports causes like helping women or protecting the environment.

Finding a job that fits your values will help you feel happy and connected to your work. Think about what you're good at, too. If you're great at baking, you could look for jobs in coffee shops where you can make tasty treats to go with the coffee. And if you're good at making fancy designs in coffee, you might want to be a barista and show off your skills to customers.

Researching Potential Coffee Industry Jobs

When looking for a job, find one that fits what you like and brings something special to the company. If you're not sure which job is right, don't worry. Here's how to figure it out.

First, look at what jobs are available where you live. This helps you see what's out there and how you can stand out.

If you're not sure where to start, do some general research. Learn about the coffee job market in your area to see what's needed and what might be new.

As you do your research, think about what jobs are missing and what new ideas you could bring. That way, you can find the perfect job for you.

Popular Jobs in the Coffee Industry that Pays a Lot

coffee jobsHere are a few types of jobs that are popular in the coffee industry right now. They're good to think about, but remember, there are lots of other job options in coffee too!

1. Barista

National average salary: $32,343 per year

Primary duties

Baristas have a big role in the coffee world. They make and serve coffee, take orders, answer questions, and handle payments. You'll usually find them in coffee shops, but they can also work in restaurants, cafes, or other places that serve food and drinks.

In coffee shops, baristas make different types of coffee drinks, often adjusting them to fit what each customer wants. The job can be busy and stressful, so good baristas need to work fast, do things efficiently, and keep customers happy.

2. Coffee shop manager

National average salary: $44,347 per year

Primary duties

Coffee shop managers run the coffee shop every day. They do a lot of things like hiring and training staff, buying what the shop needs, and handling money. Their main job is to make sure the coffee shop runs smoothly and makes money.

They come up with plans to get and keep customers happy. If customers have problems, it's the manager's job to fix them. They also talk to the people who give the shop what it needs. Managers of independent coffee shops might even talk about deals and contracts with those people.

3. Assistant shop manager

National average salary: $38,383 per year

Primary duties

Assistant coffee shop managers help the main manager with daily jobs. They do things like opening and closing the shop, fixing problems, and dealing with customer complaints.

They also hire and train new staff and make work schedules. They might help the main manager with plans to get more customers and sell more, and they might help with money plans too. Assistant managers also check the things the shop needs, order them, and make sure the orders are right when they come in.

4. Green coffee buyer

National average salary: $68,384 per year

Primary duties

Green coffee buyers possess expertise in coffee and beans. They select beans for roasting businesses, visiting coffee-growing regions to assess quality.

They taste coffee to judge flavor, negotiate with farmers on prices and contracts, and coordinate with suppliers for timely delivery.

5. Production manager

National average salary: $70,872 per year

Primary duties 

Coffee production managers work in big coffee roasting companies. They're also called plant managers or roasting and packaging coordinators. Their job is to make sure that making and packaging coffee goes well and doesn't waste time or money.

They talk with coffee roasters, packaging workers, and shipping teams to make sure everyone knows what to do. They also lead a team of supervisors and workers. Coffee production managers make sure the coffee is safe to eat and meets the company's rules for quality.

They want to make the best coffee while spending as little money as possible.

6. Production assistant

National average salary: $39,233 per year

Primary duties

A production assistant, sometimes called a roasting assistant, helps the production manager with making and packaging coffee. This job needs to know a lot about coffee and be good at organizing and talking with others.

They make sure machines are clean and working, keep track of what's in stock, and make sure orders are ready and sent out on time. Coffee production assistants can handle pressure well and get things done on time.

7. Coffee roaster

National average salary: $42,434 per year

Primary duties

Coffee roasters meticulously roast beans to perfection, selecting premium batches and experimenting with various techniques to craft exquisite blends.

They also assist in sourcing beans from farmers.

8. Coffee Machine Technician

National average salary: $51,127 per year

Primary duties

As a coffee machine technician, you help set up, fix, and maintain coffee machines for companies that make them, coffee shops, or repair services. You make sure all kinds of coffee machines, like regular coffee pots and espresso machines, work well.

After setting up the machines, you check them regularly to keep them in good shape. You might work for a coffee machine company, helping customers online or over the phone, or for a coffee shop or repair service, going to different places to set up or fix machines.

9. Brand manager

National average salary: $84,160 per year

Primary duties

A coffee company's brand manager ensures brand strength by monitoring competitors and market trends. They collaborate with advertisers, liaise with distributors, and design in-store displays.

Additionally, they innovate new products and strategies for business expansion.

10. Marketing manager

National average salary: $83,488 per year

Primary duties

A marketing manager at a coffee company makes plans and carries them out to advertise the company's products. They lead a group of marketing experts and talk with people in different parts of the company, like branding and sales.

Marketing managers study what customers want by doing research. They check how well their ads work and use the results to make better plans. They also handle the money for marketing.

11. Social media manager

National average salary: $64,845 per year

Primary duties

The social media manager at a coffee company takes care of the company's social media accounts and plans for social media. It's a newer job in the coffee world and includes making and handling posts on all social media sites.

A big part of their job is to see how well posts do on social media. They want to make more people know about the brand and get customers interested through social media. They also answer any questions or problems customers talk about on social media.

12. Sales representative

National average salary: $76,681 per year

Primary duties

Sales representatives sell coffee products to customers. They can sell anything from cups of coffee in shops to machines that roast coffee beans. A big part of their job is building relationships with customers and telling them about the company's products.

They work with other people in the sales team and often talk with other parts of the company, like marketing and customer service. Sales reps keep learning about new products by watching what's popular and going to trade shows and events.

Final Thoughts

And that's it! The coffee world has jobs for everyone. Whether you love coffee, business, or helping people, there's something for you.

From making coffee to managing things, every job is important. If you're ready to find a fun and rewarding job, let's dive in and explore the world of coffee together!

Frequently Ask Questions

Are there opportunities for career growth and advancement in the coffee industry?

Career growth in the coffee industry is possible. Roles like head roaster, coffee quality specialist, café owner, consultant, or educator offer advancement. Continuous learning, skill development, and networking are key for progress.

What are some common challenges faced by professionals in the coffee industry?

Some common challenges in the coffee industry: competition, price fluctuations, supply chain issues, evolving consumer preferences, and quality maintenance.

Are there educational programs or certifications available for aspiring coffee professionals?

Yes, there are educational programs and certifications available for aspiring coffee professionals. These include courses in coffee brewing, roasting, cupping, and barista skills, as well as certifications from organizations like the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Are there opportunities for remote work or freelancing in the coffee industry?

Remote work and freelancing in the coffee industry are viable. Opportunities include coffee consulting, freelance writing/photography for publications, and online education/training.

How can I improve my skills as a barista?

To improve as a barista, practice regularly, get feedback from pros, attend workshops, experiment with brewing, stay updated on trends, and join competitions/events.


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