Tips for Better Tasting Coffee With Reusable K Cups

reuseable K cups

Reusable K-Cups are a great way to save money and be mindful of the environmental impact of single-serve K-Cups. If you have reusable K-Cups and they don’t taste as good as single-serve K-Cups, you might need to do a little troubleshooting here and there.

Don’t worry as you don’t need to be a handyman to make your coffee taste good when using reusable K-Cups.

You might need to clean your Keurig, use fresher coffee grounds, or even grind your coffee beans. In this article, I talk about how you can maximize the flavor profile of your coffee and brew better-tasting coffee with a reusable K-Cup!

In this article:

  • Clean and Descale Your Keurig Regularly
  • Keep Your Reusable K Cups Clean
  • Use Freshly Ground Coffee
  • Grind Your Own Coffee Beans
  • Choose the Right Grind Size
  • Use Quality Water
  • Experiment with Different Roast Levels
  • Try Different Kinds of Reusable K Cups

Clean and Descale Your Keurig Regularly

One of the culprits of bad-tasting Keurig coffees is a dirty brewer. Your Keurig develops coffee oils and mineral deposit buildups over time and if don’t descale it every 3 to 6 months, it will clog up your brewer.

The excess build-up will also affect the taste of your coffee. Descaling your Keurig will remove these buildups and ensure that your coffee will taste good, whether you use single-serve K-Cups or reusable K-Cups.

Aside from keeping the internal parts of your Keurig clean, make sure to also clean other parts of your Keurig as well. Regularly wipe the exterior of your Keurig and clean the drip tray as well.

If your Keurig has a large water reservoir, it is easy to just fill the whole reservoir and forget about it for a few hours or even days. Make sure to clean the water reservoir daily to prevent bacteria and mold growth

Keep Your Reusable K Cups Clean

Since you are using reusable K-Cups with your Keurig, it is also important to keep them clean. After each use, throw away the used coffee grounds and wash the reusable K-Cups with soapy water.

If any stubborn coffee grounds are stuck in the reusable K-Cup, you can use an old toothbrush to brush the residue. You can also soak the reusable K-Cup in soapy water to remove any stubborn residue more easily.

Make sure to dry your reusable K-Cup thoroughly before using it again.

Cleaning your reusable K-Cups will remove any leftover coffee grounds and ensure that the next time you brew coffee, you will be brewing fresh coffee each time. Not only do you have better-tasting coffee each time, but you can also extend the lifespan of your reusable K-Cup.

Use Freshly Ground Coffee

instant coffee

The key to having better-tasting coffee with your Keurig is using freshly ground coffee. Even if you use ground coffee, your coffee will taste bad no matter what if they are stale.

Freshly ground coffee has the best aroma and quality when brewed. You can grind your own coffee beans or buy freshly ground coffee from a roaster near you. Some roasters have a roasting schedule so you can get your coffee grounds fresh and ready for brewing.

Grind Your Own Coffee Beans

cartoon smiling coffee beans

As I mentioned earlier, you can always grind coffee beans for your reusable K-Cup. Now, this might raise your eyebrow since Keurigs are all about convenience and grinding coffee beans may not be for you.

However, if you want better-tasting coffee with your reusable K-Cup, grinding coffee beans is the way to go. Yes, freshly ground coffee will also produce quality coffee but coffee beans retain the aroma and freshness of the coffee.

Grinding coffee beans at home will ensure that you will always have fresh coffee every time and you don’t have to worry about the grind date if you order pre-ground coffee. Now, to keep coffee beans fresh, you need to store them in an air-tight container at room temperature.

If you are up to the task of grinding coffee beans, try not to grind a whole batch and store the pre-ground in a container. This defeats the purpose of grinding coffee beans each time you brew. It’s just like ordering pre-ground coffee.

But, if you don’t have time to grind coffee beans each time you use your Keurig, you can always grind a whole batch. Just make sure to store the coffee grounds in an airtight container.

Choose the Right Grind Size

If you are sold on grinding your coffee beans or buying fresh coffee grounds, you need to know the right grind size that will work well with your Keurig. For Keurig coffee makers, it is recommended to use a medium-sized grind.

A medium grind can give you a well-balanced flavor. Of course, you can always experiment with the grind size and choose which gives you the best flavor.

While you can experiment with the grind size, try not to use an overly fine grind size as it can slip through and dispense in your coffee mug. Having an overly gritty and grainy coffee is not a pleasant feeling.

The important thing is not to overfill the reusable K-Cup as it can overflow and you might end up having coffee grounds in your cup.

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Use Quality Water

glass of water

Another way to have better-tasting coffee using reusable K-Cups is by using quality water. Avoid using tap water as it can contain hard minerals that can clog your machine and other impurities that can affect the taste of your coffee.

Also, if you don’t like the taste of tap water, you probably won’t like it in your coffee as well. No matter how fresh your coffee grounds are, the water quality can affect the coffee flavor.

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Experiment with Different Roast Levels

Now, this may have nothing to do with reusable K-Cups entirely but trying different coffee roast levels will let you explore different flavors. You can use a light, medium, or dark roast and see which one suits your taste preference best.

A light roast has floral notes while a medium roast typically has a nutty and caramel flavor profile. If you want a stronger and richer flavor profile, go for darker roasts.

Try Different Kinds of Reusable K Cups

Keurig K-Classic K55 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

There are a few kinds of reusable K-Cups that you can buy for your Keurig. You can buy the one from Keurig if you want to ensure that it fits your brewer properly. 

The reusable filter from Keurig is compatible with all Keurig models so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. Keurig’s reusable filter is made from plastic but other reusable filters are made from stainless steel.

The plastic ones are less expensive but they can also clog often. Stainless steel reusable filters can last you longer as they are more durable.

You can check and see which material produces the best coffee with your Keurig. Stainless steel filters can retain the coffee’s natural oils better but it will still depend on your personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Your coffee does not have to taste bad if you are using reusable K-Cups! There are definitely some tips and tricks you can do to make your coffee taste good if you are not using single-serve K-Cups.

Whether it be using fresh coffee grounds, using good-quality water, or just cleaning your Keurig regularly, you can enjoy your Keurig coffee using a reusable K-Cup.


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