Best Cookies to Eat with Your Tea – 2024

tea and cookies

There's something special about having warm tea and fresh cookies.

From green to black tea, shortbread to oatmeal cookies, the choices are endless. It's fun to experiment and snack. We have seven favorite pairings for you to try. So, grab some tea and cookies, and let's explore these tasty treats together. Enjoy!

After testing various Tea Cookies, we've concluded that the Royal Dansk Danish Cookie is the top pick for most people.

In this article, we'll review our top picks for Tea Cookies, highlighting their standout features and explaining why they might be the perfect accompaniment to your tea time rituals.

Best Tea Cookies

As a tea lover, I know finding the perfect cookie to go with your tea can be tough. That's why I made a list of the best tea cookies. From classic shortbread to flavorful options, there's something for everyone. So grab your favorite tea, relax, and enjoy these tasty treats.

Best Overall Royal Dansk Danish Cookie
Runner UpWalker's Pure Butter Cookies
Budget-Friendly OptionChristie Peek Freans Social Tea Cookies
Classic ChoiceKedem Orange Tea Biscuits
Best for Lovers – Gullon Tea & Coffee Cookie

Best Overall

Royal Dansk Danish Cookie

Royal Dansk Danish Cookie

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For a classic and tasty butter cookie to have with your tea, try the Royal Dansk Danish Cookie.


  • Crispy, buttery cookies with an authentic taste
  • Assortment of five classic shapes adds variety
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients, no artificial preservatives or colors


  • Tin may be hard to open for some
  • Cookies could be too sweet for some tastes
  • Price may be higher than other butter cookie options

Royal Dansk Danish Cookie Selection is a must-try! These buttery classics come in a 12-ounce tin with various shapes and flavors, including coconut and vanilla.

They melt in your mouth, crafted with care and no artificial ingredients. Since 1966, they've been a tasty treat worth having. with their tea.

Runner Up

Walker's Pure Butter Cookies

Walker’s Pure Butter Cookies

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If you want tasty Scottish shortbread, go for Walker's Pure Butter Cookies. Great as a gift or for yourself!


  • Made with only four simple ingredients for an authentic Scottish taste
  • Assortment includes Highlander, Petticoat Tails, and Shortbread Fingers
  • Suitable for vegetarians and certified Kosher (OUD)


  • Rich and buttery, may not be suitable for those watching calories
  • Package size may not be enough for larger gatherings
  • Cookies are fragile and may break during shipping if not packaged well

Walker’s Pure Butter Cookies offers authentic Scottish taste. Made with only four ingredients, they're delicious and versatile. Plus, they're free from additives and artificial flavors.

As a family-run business for over 125 years, Walker's stays true to its heritage, delivering quality cookies straight from Scotland.

Budget-Friendly Option

Christie Peek Freans Social Tea Cookies

Christie Peek Freans

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Christie Peek Freans Social Tea Cookies are perfect with tea or coffee. They melt in your mouth and are great for dipping. But, they can be delicate and the packaging isn't resealable.


  • Rich and delicious flavor, not too sweet
  • Thin and crispy, perfect for dipping in tea or coffee
  • Convenient and easy-to-store packaging


  • Some may find them too salty
  • Texture is more like a cracker, not everyone's preference
  • Slightly pricey compared to other tea cookies

Having indulged in Christie Peek Freans Social Tea Cookies, I highly recommend them! These rich, delicious cookies truly melt in your mouth and are perfect for dipping.

They're the classic companion for tea, coffee, and socializing. Plus, being imported from Canada adds a touch of authenticity to your snacking experience.

Classic Choice

Kedem Orange Tea Biscuits

Kedem Orange Biscuits

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If you want a simple, lightly flavored cookie to go with your coffee or tea, try Kedem Orange Tea Biscuits.


  • Delightfully crisp with a subtle, not too sweet flavor, perfect for dunking in hot beverages.
  • Versatile snack; great on its own, with cheese or fruit preserves, or in cookie crumb pie crusts.
  • Healthier option with no artificial coloring and no cholesterol.


  • Some find the orange flavor not strong enough.
  • Can be dry for some; may prefer softer texture.
  • 4.2oz bag may not be enough for those with a larger appetite.

Kedem's Orange Tea Biscuits are classic, lightly flavored cookies perfect for any time.

They're crispy with a subtle sweetness and versatile for snacking or baking.

Plus, they're kosher-certified with no artificial colors or cholesterol.

Best For Lovers

Gullon Tea & Coffee Cookie

Gullon Tea and coffee

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Gullon Tea & Coffee Cookies offer a delicious, mildly sweet option to enjoy with your tea or coffee.


  • Buttery flavor complements tea or coffee.
  • Not overly sweet, ideal for those who prefer less sugar.
  • Convenient roll packaging for on-the-go snacking.


  • Cookies can be crumbly, leading to messiness.
  • Slightly pricier compared to other options.
  • Coffee flavor may not suit everyone's preference.

I tried these cookies recently and loved their buttery flavor. Not too sweet, they're great for a treat without being too sugary. The roll packaging is handy for on-the-go snacking.

Overall, I recommend them for tea or coffee pairing.

Tea Cookies Buying Guide

When selecting tea cookies, consider their flavor, texture, and packaging for freshness. Look for options with natural ingredients and consider dietary preferences like gluten-free or vegan.


When choosing tea cookies, prioritize high-quality ingredients like real butter and fresh eggs while avoiding artificial additives. Check for allergens if you have dietary restrictions.


Consider the texture of tea cookies—soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy? Check the product description or reviews for insights into the cookie's texture before making a choice.


Choose tea cookie flavors based on personal preference and occasion. Classic buttery shortbread or unique flavors like matcha or lavender offer variety. Match flavors with tea or opt for universally appealing choices when gifting.


Evaluate tea cookie packaging for reuse or gifting. Tins or boxes offer reusable options and elevate the presentation for gifts. Simple plastic bags are practical but lack the decorative appeal of tins or boxes.

By considering these features, you can select the best tea cookies for your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated cookie recipes for pairing with tea?

Top-rated cookie recipes for pairing with tea include shortbread, Earl Grey, lemon, and almond variants. These treats complement tea flavors delicately.

Which store-bought cookies are recommended for tea time?

Indulge in tea time with store-bought treats such as Walkers shortbread, McVitie's Digestives, and Lotus Biscoff. Their buttery texture complements tea perfectly.

Which cookies are traditionally served at afternoon tea gatherings?

During traditional afternoon tea, scones, madeleines, and macarons are common treats. Scones accompany clotted cream and jam, while madeleines and macarons offer a delicate texture that complements tea.

Can you suggest some healthy cookie options suitable for tea pairing?

If you're looking for healthy cookie options suitable for tea pairing, you can try oatmeal raisin cookies, ginger cookies, or almond cookies. These cookies are made with healthy ingredients such as oats, ginger, and almonds, and have a delicious flavor that complements tea.

What are some popular tea party cookie recipes?

Popular tea party cookie recipes include lavender shortbread, chocolate-dipped madeleines, and raspberry thumbprints. They offer unique flavors, perfect for your gathering.

What is the ideal type of cookie to dip into tea?

The ideal type of cookie to dip into tea is a biscotti. Biscotti are baked twice, which gives them a crunchy texture that holds up well when dipped into tea. Almond biscotti is a popular choice, but you can also try chocolate or hazelnut biscotti for a different flavor.


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