How to Buy Gifts for Coffee People That They’ll Actually Use

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When buying gifts for coffee lovers, understanding where they are in their coffee journey is key to buying a gift that your friend, family, or loved one will enjoy and not let it go to waste. Are they just starting on their coffee journey or have they been into coffee for a long time?

It can be easy to buy a good ol’ coffee mug and I’m sure whoever you give it to will appreciate it. But, almost everyone has coffee mugs these days and the mugs just sometimes sit in the back drawer not seeing much use.

So, Why not buy gifts that coffee people will use no matter where they are in their coffee journey?

Getting into coffee can be an expensive hobby but your gifts do not have to be. In this article, I will be talking about what gifts you can give to coffee people depending on where they are in their coffee journey, as per James Hoffman.


In this article:

  • For Beginners
  • For Intermediates
  • For The Advanced Coffee Drinker
  • Gifts That You Might Not Want to Buy for Coffee People

For Beginners

coffee accessories

It can be easy to buy gifts for people who are just starting out their coffee journey. If you are looking for something inexpensive that won’t break the bank, coffee books or coffee magazines are great gift ideas.

Even if your friend does not enjoy reading that much, it can be interesting for them to know more about coffee and help them appreciate coffee even better.

If you have extra money to spare, a coffee scale could be a great gift. You can give them one that has a built-in timer and measures in grams as this is the most common measurement in most coffee recipes.

Now, if you don’t mind splurging a little bit more, a coffee class can also be a great gift. Coffee classes can be great if someone you know is really getting into coffee and is starting to get serious about it.

A coffee class can help beginner coffee people learn more about the roasting process and just help them understand coffee a little bit better. 

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For Intermediates

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Now, as coffee people progress in their journey, their wants and needs can also change. They can begin to explore more brewing techniques or try new coffee beans.

For affordable gifts, a personalized cupping spoon or teaspoon may be something coffee people can appreciate. Coffee cupping spoons have a deeper bowl than regular spoons. This specialized spoon is used for coffee cupping which can be used to prepare and taste the coffee’s flavor profile.

Moving up the price ladder, you can consider gifting a coffee brewer that they don’t already have. If someone you know has been brewing coffee using an electric coffee maker, why not gift them a Pour-over, AeroPress, French Press, or Moka Pot?

This gives them other options for brewing coffee and allows them to explore different brewing techniques and discover new flavor profiles. There are coffee brewers that don’t break the bank but still brew good quality coffee.

If you are feeling generous, updating your friend’s coffee grinder will very much be appreciated. A high-quality coffee grinder can help them have a consistent grind size and help them brew a high-quality cup of coffee.

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For the Advanced Coffee Drinker

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Now, if you are giving a gift to someone who really knows their coffee and already has a deep understanding of where they are in their coffee journey, you might need to tailor the gift based on their personality, wants, and needs.

While it can be tricky to buy a gift for advanced coffee people, you can still find one that they will appreciate.

Giving gifts to people who already know their coffee does not have to be expensive. You can buy them classic Italian espresso cups that they can add to their collection. I know I said don’t buy coffee mugs but espresso cups are different. Coffee people will appreciate classic Italian espresso cups anytime.

If you think that your friend already has enough espresso cups to last a lifetime, you can gift them a coffee subscription. This can be expensive but coffee people will always buy coffee. Coffee lovers will definitely appreciate a coffee subscription from a reputable roaster.

You can gift them either a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription depending on your budget. If a coffee subscription is too expensive, you can always buy them a bag of their favorite coffee beans.

For the most expensive option, you can buy them a one-on-one class with a coffee professional. This could be advanced brewing classes, how to make latte art, or even a barista class if your friend plans to have a coffee shop business.

A one-on-one coffee class can help them refine their brewing technique or just improve their skills and gain more knowledge.

Gifts That You Might Not Want to Buy for Coffee People

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I think every gift should be appreciated but, there may be some gifts that coffee people might not like

Novelty mugs and generic coffee-related posters, while charming, may not be appreciated by those who don’t share the same humor as you. It may come across as unthoughtful and may not be used at all.

Flavored coffee is also one that you may want to avoid giving as they don’t really taste like coffee at all. Instead, they usually taste more of the flavor used like vanilla or hazelnut.

You can’t deny that online shopping is very convenient and if you are buying coffee beans/grounds for a friend online, make sure to avoid large online retail shops like Amazon.

Yes, Amazon has a very large selection of good-quality coffee but they might not be the freshest quality. Instead, you can buy directly from roasters to ensure fresh and high-quality coffee.

Additionally, you might want to think twice about gifting old, vintage hand grinders as they may not be the best when it comes to grinding coffee. But, if your friend is a collector, go ahead and gift them one.


Getting gifts for coffee lovers can be hard but giving a deeper thought on what you want to give can make it more meaningful and thoughtful. You can consider where they are in their coffee journey so you can buy the right gift. There’s definitely a gift out there for every type of coffee lover!


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