How to Make a Dutch Bros Cocomo at Home – 5 Min. Recipe

Are you a fan of Dutch Bros' Cocomo and want to make it at your home? This swift 5-minute recipe enables you to savor its rich, coconut and chocolate flavors whenever you desire.

The Cocomo only has a few ingredients – coconut syrup, espresso, chocolate milk, and whipped cream (optional).

You can definitely whip this up and impress your family and friends with a delicious and refreshing drink.

What is a Dutch Bros Cocomo?

The Dutch Bros Cocomo is a blend of espresso, chocolate milk, and coconut syrup, and topped with whipped cream. A combination that you may not be used to but it has a rich chocolaty taste combined with a sweet coconut flavor that will give you a tropic vibe you will definitely enjoy.

The Cocomo is often enjoyed iced or blended which can be a great pick-me-up any time of the day. Of course, you can also enjoy it hot during the cold weather.

If you enjoy coconut, mocha, and chocolate separately, you may want to try the Cocomo of Dutch Bros. If you’ve already been a fan of the drink, you can enjoy it at home anytime you want as it is easy to make if you have the right ingredients and equipment.

Ingredients Need

You will only need a couple of things to start making the Cocomo at home:

  • 2 oz freshly brewed espresso
  • 1 oz coconut syrup
  • 1 cup chocolate milk
  • 1 tbsp whipped cream
  • Chocolate syrup (optional)
  • Ice cubes

Equipment Needed

  • Espresso machine or other coffee brewing devices (AeroPress, French Press, or Moka Pot)
  • Blender or shaker
  • Mason Jar (if you don’t have a shaker)
  • Measuring tools
  • Saucepan (if you are making a hot Cocomo)
  • Tall glass for serving

Dutch Bros Cocomo Recipe (Iced or Blended)

The Cocomo is an easy recipe to make at home and it will only take you about 5 minutes to prepare this delicious drink.

1. Brew Your Coffee

Brew 2 shots of espresso using an espresso maker. You can use other brewing devices such as AeroPress, French Press, or Moka Pot but if you want an authentic Cocomo, you better go for the espresso machine. Let the espresso cool for a couple of minutes.

2. Get Your Blender or Shaker Ready

If you want a blended version of the Cocomo, add 1 cup of chocolate milk, 1 oz of coconut syrup, and ice cubes into the blender. You can also add a small amount of chocolate syrup if you like your drink extra chocolaty. Pulse the blender a couple of times and blend the ingredients at a high speed until smooth and frothy. Open the lid of the blender and pour in the 2 shots of espresso. Blend everything on low speed for a couple of seconds just to incorporate the espresso into the mixture.

If you are using a shaker, add the chocolate milk, coconut syrup, and ice cubes to it. Close the shaker and make sure it is sealed. Shake for at least a minute to mix the ingredients together. After a minute, open the shaker and add in the espresso shots. Shake for a couple of seconds to combine everything. You can also use a mason jar if you don’t have a container. Just make sure it has a lid and won’t spill the contents when you shake it.

3. Transfer Into a Glass

Transfer the Cocomo into a glass and top it off with whipped cream for that extra treat! If you are doing an iced Cocomo, you can add more ice to your glass.

Dutch Bros Cocomo Recipe (Hot)

You can also make the Cocomo hot if you prefer your drinks that way.

1. Brew your Coffee

Brew 2 shots of espresso using an espresso maker. You can use other brewing devices such as AeroPress, French Press, or Moka Pot but if you want an authentic Cocomo, you better go for the espresso machine. No need to let the espresso cool.

2. Warm the Milk

In a saucepan, warm the milk over low heat while the espresso is brewing.

3. Prepare your Glass

Pour the coconut syrup, espresso, and chocolate milk into a glass and stir until everything is combined. Now, you have a glass of hot Cocomo!

How Many Calories In a Cocomo?

This depends on the size and version of the Cocomo that you will choose. As I mentioned earlier, the Cocomo can come in hot, iced, or blended.

Size Blended Iced Hot
Small 510 calories 280 calories 400 calories
Medium 700 calories 420 calories 540 calories
Large 910 calories 510 calories 630 calories

If you make the Cocomo at home, you have control over the ingredients and can add more or less depending on your preference.

Dutch Bros Cocomo Recipe Tips

While the Cocomo can be easy to make there are some tips that you can follow to make the best version at home.

  1. Use freshly brewed espresso for that strong coffee flavor. Make sure to use high-quality beans so you can end up with a good drink. You can also buy the one Dutch Bros uses if you want a similar blend.

  2. A good coconut syrup is key to having that signature coconut taste that the Cocomo has. You can use any coconut syrup you like but Dutch Bros uses Torani Syrup in their drinks so you can use that as well.

  3. Since you are making the Cocomo at home, there’s no one stopping you from adjusting the drink to your preference (unless you really want it to taste like the one from Dutch Bros). You can adjust the espresso shots or the amount of syrup and milk to your preference. You can also garnish it with coconut shavings if you are feeling fancy.

Final Thoughts

Making your own Dutch Bros Cocomo at home can be very rewarding, especially if you don’t feel like going out. With just a couple of ingredients, you can make a delicious drink in just 5 minutes! If you are a coconut, chocolate, and coffee lover, why not reward yourself and try making this at home? Whether you are looking for a warm, fuzzy drink on a cold, winter day or just want a refreshing drink on a hot summer day, this Cocomo recipe will satisfy your cravings!

If you want to try out other drinks from Dutch Bros, here is a guide to some of the best drinks of this coffee chain. For other Dutch Bros drinks you want to recreate at home, the Dutch Bros Kicker is another 5-minute recipe that you can try.


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