My 9 Favorite Drinks From Dutch Bros

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The Oregon-based coffee chain, Dutch Bros, has built a reputation for offering community-based, friendly service, and a range of original drinks. Since most drinks are original with weird names, many new customers are unsure of which drinks to try.

Additionally, if the regular menu doesn’t have exactly what you’re craving, there are seasonal favorites and a secret menu that has equally delicious options. However, as great as this is, it can be overwhelming to choose with so many options, and this is why we picked out the 9 best drinks you can get at Dutch Bros. Whether you want a classic cold brew or a sweet, caffeine-infused drink, you’ll find it here.

The 9 Best Drinks at Dutch Bros (My Favorites)

1. Golden Eagle

dutch bros golden eagle

First up is a fan-favorite, the Golden Eagle. Creamy and sweet with a slight kick, it’s a blend of sweet vanilla syrup, bold espresso, a rich caramel sauce, and topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel.  

The espresso will give you a boost of energy while the vanilla and caramel add a sweetness. Whether you want it blended, hot, or iced, it’s a treat that fits any mood. 

If you don’t feel like going out, you can make the Golden Eagle Freeze at home in 5 minutes or less with our quick guide here

2. Annihilator 

dutch bros annihilator

The Annihilator is a solid choice for anyone who likes the taste of coffee with a unique twist. It’s a mix of chocolate and macadamia nut syrup and espresso that comes mixed into a breve. When you drink it, you’ll get a slightly nutty flavor that helps set it apart from your traditional coffee and it adds a nice twist ,without being too sweet. 

This drink is great for those mornings when you need something a little more than plain coffee but you don’t want something extremely sweet or fancy. You can get it in iced, hot, or blended form.

I love to order it when I want to shake up my usual coffee routine without going too far from the classic coffee taste. 

Wondering how to make the Dutch Bros Annihilator at home? Our guide outlines how to do it in this easy, step-by-step recipe

3. Golden Eagle Chai with a Soft Top

dutch bros golden eagle chai with soft top

According to Reddit, anyone looking for a twist on a typical chai drink should consider the Golden Eagle Chai with a Soft Top as it takes the traditional drink and brings it to a whole new level.

The base is a spiced, rich chai tea, think of warm flavors like cardamom and cinnamon. Then, Dutch Bros adds a blend of caramel and vanilla to add sweetness to the spice.

The whipped cream soft top finishes the drink with a frothy, creamy layer. As an option, you can ask for a sprinkle of nutmeg! Whether you’re having a lazy afternoon or out and about on a chilly morning, this chai version is a solid choice. It gives you the warmth you get with the traditional chai with a sweet layer to make it an indulgent and cozy drink. 

How to Make a Dutch Bros Soft Top at Home

4. Caramelizer 

dutch bros caramelizer

The Caramelizer from Dutch Bros is a great choice if you like the mixture of caramel and coffee. This drink is essentially a mocha with shots of caramel syrup. To make it, they use a robust espresso as the base to give that strong coffee kick before blending in rich caramel and chocolate. As with all Dutch drinks it comes in iced, hot, or blended forms. 

It’s a great option when you want something slightly above plain coffee that’s not overly complex. You’ll taste a balance between the bitterness of the espresso and the buttery taste of the caramel. It’s a fan-favorite for a reason – offering a familiar mocha taste with just enough of a twist to keep it interesting.

Want to learn how to make your own version of the iconic Caramelizer at home? Learn how here!

5. Shark Attack Rebel

dutch bros shark attack rebel

The Shark Attack is part of Dutch Bros’ Blue Rebel Energy Drink line, but it has a very unique presentation and flavor that makes it stand out. You’ll get a tropical coconut flavor with a sweetness of blue raspberry and pomegranate. This flavor combination offers a refreshing, fruity taste with a caffeine kick. 

The visual appeal is part of this drink as well as you can see below. It’s a fun-looking summer drink for those who like energy drinks but want something a little different. 

6. Double Torture 

dutch bros double torture

If you take your coffee seriously and like some extra caffeine (I know I do), the Double Torture is a must-try. This drink is a flavor-packed blend that doubles the espresso, giving you a jolt of caffeine with an intense, strong coffee flavor. However, this drink isn’t all about strength; it strikes a nice balance with chocolate milk and vanilla syrup, and which adds a nice balance to the more bold espresso taste. 

You can order a Double Torture as a blended, hot, or iced drink, whatever you’re feeling that day.

7. Double Rainbro

dutch bros double rainbro

If you’re looking for a non-coffee drink, try the Double Rainbro. It’s a sweet tea that combines peach, strawberry, and coconut flavors. It gives you a fruity and light taste without skimping on the flavor, and it’s a versatile drink that you can have hot or blended.

Its blend of fruity flavors makes it a hit among those who enjoy a sweet, tropical taste.

Overall, the Double Rainbro is a great alternative to coffee-based drinks, offering a unique and enjoyable flavor profile. It’s like a little burst of sunshine in your day, making it a popular choice among Dutch Bros customers looking for something different and delicious.

8. Kicker

dutch bros kicker

The Kicker is a beloved fan-favorite for anyone who wants to add a creamy twist to a traditional coffee. This drink is a breve, and this means that it has half-and-half instead of regular milk, giving it a creamier and richer texture. It also has irish cream which adds a nutty and sweet flavor.

 It’s not overly complicated or too sweet, making it a great choice for those who appreciate the essence of good coffee with a flavorful addition. It’s ideal for a morning pick-me-up or a midday treat that’s not too heavy but still satisfying.

Available hot, blended, or iced, the Kicker is versatile and can be enjoyed year-round. It’s a staple for Dutch Bros fans who prefer a classic coffee flavor with a delightful twist.

Have five minutes and a few basic ingredients? We’ll show you how to make the Dutch Bros Kicker at home

9. Nitro Infused Cold Brew

dutch bros nitro infused cold brew

The Nitro Infused Cold Brew from Dutch Bros stands out for those who are after the strong, pure coffee taste. This drink takes the rich, smooth flavor you get with cold brew and infuses it with nitrogen, giving it a silky, creamy texture that is unique. 

Also, the nitro infusion means that the drink has a fun, cascading effect when served, which is kind of satisfying.

Despite its creamy texture, the drink is surprisingly light and refreshing, making it an excellent choice for hot days or when you need a strong caffeine kick without the heaviness of a milk-based coffee.

For those looking to cut down on sugar or calories, the Nitro Infused Cold Brew is a great option, as it’s served without any added sugars or flavors. It’s straightforward, clean, and focused on delivering a high-quality coffee experience.

For my Cold Brew fans out there, we have the low-down on any questions you may have, including: 

A Few Other Fun Dutch Bros Drinks

Once you’ve tried all of the above dirnks, which were a little more basic, here are some other popular drinks that you may want to give a shot, or use as inspiration.

  • Iced Bubblegum Rebel
  • Passion Water Tea
  • Banana Split Freeze
  • Strawberry Horchata Chai with Soft Top
  • Pomegranate Lemonade
  • White chocolate Annihilator
  • OG Gummybear Blended Rebel
  • Campout Cold Brew

How’d we do? Did you favorite Dutch Bros drink make the list? Let us know in the comments! 

This article was written by Josh and Sara. You can learn more about them on our About the Team page.


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