How to Make Iced Coffee With a Keurig

how to make iced coffee in Keurig

There's nothing quite like having a refreshing iced coffee on a hot day, and with your Keurig machine, you can enjoy this cool treat at home with the touch of a button. But how do you make iced coffee with a Keurig? Since they usually make hot drinks?

To make iced coffee with a Keurig, you will need to brew a strong coffee pod over a cup filled with ice. Select the iced button, strong button, or smallest cup setting on your machine to prevent the ice from completely melting and diluting your coffee. Once brewed, add any desired sweeteners or creamers, stir, and your homemade iced coffee is ready to enjoy.

If you're wondering about the process and how to perfect your iced coffee game, read on to discover the easy steps you need to follow.

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How a Keurig Makes Iced Coffee

Certain Keurig models take iced coffee preparation to the next level by including an ‘iced' button. When this option is chosen, the Keurig machine adjusts the brewing process by cooling the water near the end of the cycle. The brew still starts hot like normal but then cools down early at the end to prevent the ice from melting. Even though the coffee is meant to be served cold, it will still brew hot at first, like all iced coffee. The heat is essential for extracting the rich, robust flavor of the coffee grounds contained within the K-Cup.

The “iced” feature allows for a colder brew and less melted ice, resulting in a richer and more flavorful iced coffee.

You can either chill the brewed coffee in the refrigerator for later or pour it over a glass full of ice cubes for an instant iced coffee.

In either case, once your coffee has cooled or chilled sufficiently, you can customize it with your favorite sweeteners or creamers, making your iced coffee just as delicious and personalized as it would be from a coffee shop. Making iced coffee at home is a breeze with a Keurig.

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What You Need to Make Keurig Iced Coffee:

  • Keurig Machine
  • Glass
  • Ice
  • Sweetener, Flavoring, or Milk (Optional)


To brew the perfect Keurig iced coffee at home, you will of course need a Keurig coffee machine.

Some Keurig models come equipped with an ‘Iced Coffee' button. This feature is designed to brew a stronger cup of coffee, ensuring that you don’t dilute the flavor when you pour it over ice, as we talked about earlier. 

Models like the Keurig K-Elite, K-Duo Plus, and K-Supreme Plus come equipped with this feature. When you press this button, the machine reduces the brew temperature to compensate for the ice that will be added to the coffee. This process helps preserve the full-bodied taste even as the ice melts.

In addition to the ‘Iced Coffee' button, some Keurig models also come with a ‘Strong' button. This feature allows you to brew a more potent cup of coffee by increasing the time the water spends in contact with the coffee grounds, thereby extracting more flavor. Models such as the Keurig K-Select and K-Classic offer this option.

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K Cups

keurig k cups

Photo by Jisu Han on Unsplash 

When brewing iced coffee, your choice of K-Cup is important. Using a darker or stronger K-Cup can help you keep the robust flavor of the coffee, even when poured over ice, which will dilute the flavor. For a full-bodied, rich iced coffee, consider using a strong, dark roast K-Cup. Some of my recommendations include:

  • Death Wish Coffee Co. – Their K-Cups, known as “Death Cups“, are designed to pack a punch. Death Wish Coffee boasts to be the world's strongest coffee, using a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans for a dark, bold, and intense flavor. You can buy them on Amazon here.
  • Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style – This roast is known for its full-bodied flavor and rich aroma, inspired by the high-energy Cuban coffee culture. This K-Cup produces a strong, flavorful coffee that stands up well to ice and any additional flavors you may add. You can buy them on Amazon here.

If you have a Keurig with a ‘Strong' option, you can also use this feature to enhance the flavor extraction process. These suggestions should help you find a K-Cup that provides the robust taste that's perfect for iced coffee.


Any glass will do wonderfully for your iced coffee, but those seen below are my favorite. I use them with hot and cold drinks, and they have a modern, classic shape that fits nicely into my decor. They’re also very sturdy and stable, which is great with the pets I have running around. 

iced coffee glasses

View these glasses on Amazon here


Now that you have the coffee, you need the ice. You have two primary options:

  • Brew Directly Over Ice – Fill your cup with ice and let the Keurig brew the coffee directly over it. The hot coffee will melt the ice, cooling down your drink instantly. Use the smallest cup setting with this method to avoid over-diluting the coffee.
  • Refrigerate Then Add Ice – Brew your coffee as you would normally, then put the cup in the refrigerator to cool. Once the coffee chills, add ice and enjoy.

Another unique way to keep your iced coffee from becoming too watery is to freeze it into ice cubes. When making iced coffee, use these coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice. As they melt, they simply add more coffee to your drink, preserving the flavor.

Sweetener, Flavoring, Milk

Many people love to customize their iced coffee with sweeteners, flavorings, and milk. Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Flavored Syrups – These come in a plethora of flavors like vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and more. These syrups dissolve easily in both hot and cold beverages and can add a fun twist to your iced coffee.
  • Milk –  Adding milk can provide a creamier texture to your iced coffee. You can use traditional dairy milk or explore non-dairy alternatives like oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. Each type of milk adds a unique flavor and texture to your iced coffee.
  • Sweeteners – Regular granulated sugar is a classic choice. However, do note that it can be hard to dissolve in cold liquids. Consider simple syrup (a mixture of sugar and water), honey, or a sugar substitute for a smoother mix.


iced coffee in glass with whipped cream

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash 

  1. Fill glass with ice or without ice if you’re planning to refrigerate 
  2. Select the K Cup 
  3. Brew in Keurig Using Iced, Strong, or 4 or 6 oz setting 
  4. Add Sweeteners, Syrups, Milk 

Extra Tips:

To ensure you get the best out of your Keurig iced coffee, here are some additional tips:

  1. Brew Two Smaller Cups – Brewing two 4 oz cups instead of a single 8 oz cup can give stronger iced coffee. The reason is that the smaller cups allow for more coffee extraction, enhancing the flavor.
  2. Try Making Cold Brew – If you're not satisfied with your Keurig iced coffee, consider making your own cold brew. Cold brew tends to be smoother and less acidic than hot-brewed coffee.
  3. Add a Pinch of Salt – If you find your coffee to be a little bitter, a pinch of salt can help neutralize it. Salt reduces the perception of bitterness, and a little bit won't make your coffee taste ‘salty'.
  4. Use Filtered Water – The quality of the water you use to brew your coffee can affect its taste. Using filtered water instead of tap water can make your iced coffee taste cleaner and allow the coffee's natural flavors to shine through.


1. What is the Difference Between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew?

With cold brew, the coffee beans get soaked in water or brewed cold. Iced coffee gets brewed hot and then cooled or iced. 

2. Can You Use Any Keurig For Iced Coffee?

Yes, any Keurig machine can be used to make iced coffee. While some models have specialized features for iced coffee, a satisfying iced brew can be made with any model by brewing a strong coffee over ice or chilling it before adding ice.

3. What Coffee is Best for Iced Coffee in Keurig

It's recommended to use a stronger or darker roast coffee to maintain a robust flavor even when diluted with ice for iced coffee. Some good options include Death Wish Coffee Co.'s “Death Cups” for an intense flavor, or Cafe Bustelo's Espresso Style roast for a full-bodied, rich iced coffee.


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