What is White Coffee at Dutch Bros? And the Best Drinks to Order With It

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Dutch Bros is recognized for their refreshingly versatile drinks and it's likely you've already found a favorite beverage there. Should you be on the hunt for undiscovered options at Dutch Bros, you've perhaps come across their white coffee drink.

A white coffee at Dutch Bros is not just adding milk to a regular coffee nor is it a new Dutch Bros coffee flavor. It is an espresso-based drink with coffee beans that are roasted at shorter periods and at lower temperatures.

In this article, I will be covering what white coffee at Dutch Bros is and the different white coffee drinks that you can order.

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  • What is White Coffee at Dutch Bros?
  • How to Order White Coffee at Dutch Bros
  • Dutch Bros White Coffee Recommendations

What is White Coffee at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros white coffee has been on their menu since 2014 and it definitely piqued the curiosity of Dutch Bros customers.

You might think that white coffee is regular black coffee that has milk or other sweetener in it that makes it a lighter color. The difference between regular coffee and white coffee is that regular coffee beans are roasted for longer periods while white coffee is roasted for shorter periods. 

Dutch Bros white coffees are half-roasted coffee and have lower acidity levels. Despite being half-roasted, Dutch Bros white coffee still packs a punch and has more caffeine than traditional Dutch Bros blends.

White coffee at Dutch Bros tastes lighter, nuttier, and more earthy than their regular espresso-based drinks. There is also less of a bitter taste in white coffee drinks because the roasting process does not caramelize the beans.

If you have a sensitive stomach but still like coffee, a white coffee variation at Dutch Bros is great for you.

How to Order White Coffee at Dutch Bros

Ordering white coffee at Dutch Bros is just like ordering your usual espresso-based drink. If you are up for a white coffee, ask the barista first if white coffee is available. If it is, you can go ahead and order white coffee.

First, tell the barista your drink of choice and choose your size. Second, choose whether you want your drink iced or hot. Lastly, tell the barista that you want a white coffee shot instead of the regular espresso shot.

Ordering at Dutch Bros is pretty straightforward and you can order what you see on the menu. But, Dutch Bros also offers customization and you can definitely customize your drink’s sweetness, coffee options, topping options, and more.

Dutch Bros White Coffee Recommendations

Dutch Bros has a lot of drinks that can be made using white coffee. Here are some of the best white coffee variations that you must try so you’ll know what to get while you are in line at a Dutch Bros drive-through!

The Nutty Irishman

The Nutty Irishman is a coffee with milk, hazelnut syrup, and Irish creme, and it can be ordered ice, hot, or blended. It has a creamy and sweet flavor profile great for a pick-me-up!

You might not find the Nutty Irishman on the menu so you’ll have to ask the barista for one. If you are lucky, the barista at your Dutch Bros location knows what it is and you can order it right off the bat.

If not, you can order a Dutch Bros Kicker with hazelnut syrup. You can also choose to order the Nutty Irishman as an Americano, mocha, breve, latte, etc.

White Coffee Hazelnut Mocha

If you enjoy coffee with nutty and creamy chocolatey flavors, you’ll definitely enjoy a white coffee hazelnut mocha. Just swap the espresso with white coffee on a Dutch Bros Mocha and add hazelnut syrup. 

Dutch Bros uses their exclusive chocolate milk which gives the drink rich, chocolatey flavors.

White Coffee Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte

This white coffee drink is a sweet and tasty treat that is very reminiscent of a s’more. It has chocolate macadamia nuts and vanilla giving you a toasty and comforting drink.

White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve

If you’re one to experiment with your drinks, try Dutch Bros White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve. This drink has a sweet and creamy flavor profile with key ingredients such as hazelnut syrup, strawberry syrup, and breve. You can order this drink, iced, hot, or frozen.

Final Thoughts

White coffee at Dutch Bros is simply brewing coffee beans in shorter periods and at a lower temperature to give the coffee less acidity but still have that caffeine kick. You can order almost any espresso-based drink and swap it with white coffee shots to get your white coffee.

Now that you know what white coffee at Dutch Bros is, would you try ordering one? 


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