What “No Classic” Means at Starbucks

Ordering a personalized beverage at Starbucks could seem challenging with their impressive array of drink options, particularly if you are accustomed to sticking with the menu offerings. You might overhear statements like “add some pumps of this” or “replace the milk with that.” Regular Starbucks customers may also be familiar with terms such as “Blonde” and “Breve” being used in line.

One thing that you also might hear from regular Starbucks patrons is asking for a “No Classic”. Now, you might wonder what that means. I definitely did when I first heard someone in line ask the barista for it.

Starbucks is all about giving its customers a personalized experience. From writing your name on cups to letting customers customize their drinks. A “No Classic” is just one of the many ways that you can customize your drink according to your preference.

I will be covering what Starbucks means by a “No classic” so you can ask for that if you want to try it on your next Starbucks drink!

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What Does “No Classic” Mean at Starbucks

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To understand what a “No Classic” is at Starbucks, we have to talk about what a “Classic” means. When you say a “Classic”, it refers to the syrup that Starbucks uses for its drinks. It is simply Starbucks’ version of a simple syrup that is made of sugar, water, natural flavor, and preservatives.

Starbucks has a wide variety of syrups that you can add to your drinks such as hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel. Some of the drinks already have a classic syrup already included. Now, a “No Classic” means that you are customizing your drink to not include the syrup.

Is A No Classic Drink Good To Order?

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There are definitely benefits to ordering a “No Classic” drink at Starbucks. If you are trying to watch your sugar intake, you can avoid added sugar in your drink as these Starbucks syrup often have artificial sweeteners and have higher sugar content.

A Starbucks drink can definitely be sweet and taking out the syrup can make you taste the coffee flavor more rather than the sweet syrup flavor. Customizing your drink is also possible and you can mix and match different flavors that suit your preference. 

How To Order A No Classic Drink At Starbucks

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Ordering a drink at Starbucks can be daunting, especially if it is your first time customizing your drink. But, the baristas are very nice and will help you choose your drink. You can also ask them for recommendations if you are a little lost at the terms that they use. The most important thing is to communicate what you want with the barista so they can make your drink according to your specifications.

To order a “No Classic” drink at Starbucks, just tell the barista your drink of choice and let them know that you want it to be a “No Classic” drink. You can also just simply say that you want your drink without the syrup. If you have other preferences, now is also the time to mention them to the barista. You can also select the milk or if you want a sweetener substitute like Splenda, you can also do so. Don’t be afraid to ask or tell the barista what you want as it is their job to help give you a nice, personalized customer experience.

Final Thoughts

If you want to watch your sugar intake but still can’t let go of ordering your favorite Starbucks drink, you can specify that you want a “No Classic” drink. It does not take away all the sugar in the drink but, it does lessen the amount of sugar in it. As I talked about earlier, a No Classic is a drink without the Starbucks Classic Syrup.

If you are not one for sweet drinks, you can also ask the barista for a “No Classic”. Whether you are craving something sweet or just want to cut back on the sweetness, Starbucks will always have a drink for you. What are your preferences when it comes to your favorite Starbucks drink? Do you prefer it Classic or No Classic? Let me know your thoughts!


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