What States is Dutch Bros in?

what states is dutch bros in

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the welcoming baristas, the vibrant community – for many, these are the hallmarks of a memorable coffee experience. In the endless choices of coffee chains in the United States, Dutch Bros stands out not just for its drinks, but also for its friendly culture. But where can you find Dutch Bros? What states specifically is Dutch Bros in?

Dutch Bros Coffee originated in the state of Oregon and has since spread to many states in the western and southern U.S. Including, California, Texas, Tennessee, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, and more.

From its humble beginnings in 1992 as a single espresso pushcart in Grants Pass, Oregon, founded by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros has since evolved and moved to several states. The iconic blue and white logo is now recognized across most of the country.

What States Is Dutch Bros In?

Despite the fact that Dutch Bros was founded in Oregon, it has since spread across the country. The coffee chain is found primarily on the West Coast. It has a presence in 12 states and approximately 16,500 employees with roughly 750 locations.

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Oregon, California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Tennessee are among the states with Dutch Bros. It has become a fixture in many of these locations, as well as the gold standard to which many people compare other coffee chains to.

Unfortunately, as someone from the midwest, I haven’t had the chance to try this chain yet, but all my friends who live out west have raved about it. They talk about how good the customer service is and the huge range of drinks they offer. 

What State Has the Most Dutch Bros Locations

The state with the most Dutch Bros locations is Oregon, where it all began. With roughly 155 locations, the Beaver State boasts the most Dutch Bros Coffee stands of any state in the U.S. The major presence of Dutch Bros in Oregon shows the brand's deep connection to its birthplace. The state's humble, hardworking vibe and beautiful landscapes appear to resonate with Dutch Bros' hippie attitude and community-centric values. Locals and tourists alike in Oregon enjoy seeing the iconic blue and white logo, knowing they're never far from a delicious cup of coffee and a friendly conversation.

So, while Dutch Bros has made a name for itself in many states across the country, it is in Oregon that it truly belongs. Residents of the state have witnessed its evolution, cheered its growth, and, most importantly, sipped its coffee since its inception.

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Is Dutch Bros Moving to the East Coast?

Dutch Bros, a Western favorite, is getting ready to move even further east. While details about how far into the East Coast the brand intends to go remain unknown, there is a palpable buzz about its expansion strategy. The chain is expanding its presence in existing markets such as Southern California, but its ambitions extend far beyond its current footprint.

Dutch Bros. recent decision to go public was an exciting turning point. This move not only cemented its commercial reputation but also provided the brand with an important injection of capital. Such financial support is invaluable for a company that wants to speed up its growth and expand into new regions and markets.

This is encouraging news for those on the East Coast who crave some Dutch Bros' in their life. With the resources and intent to expand, countless coffee enthusiasts may soon find Dutch Bros sprouting in their neighborhood.

Where Did Dutch Bros Start?

Dutch Bros Coffee started in Grants Pass, Oregon. It was founded in 1992 by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma. They began their venture with a single espresso pushcart, and from those humble beginnings, Dutch Bros grew to become one of the largest privately-held, drive-thru coffee companies in the U.S. The brothers' passion for coffee, combined with their commitment to building strong community ties, has been integral to the brand's success and expansion throughout the years.

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Final Thoughts

Starting with just a single espresso pushcart, the Boersma brothers weren't just baristas; they were pioneers. Picture this: two enthusiastic guys, whipping up lattes and espressos, serving with a smile, and building connections one cup at a time. They weren’t just in the business of coffee; they were in the business of day-making.

What set Dutch Bros apart, even from its infancy, was this genuine love for community. It's one thing to serve a good cup of coffee, but Dane and Travis were on a mission to serve up joy, positivity, and a sense of belonging. As word spread about these two brothers with their charismatic charm and killer coffee, it didn't take long for Dutch Bros to evolve from that quaint pushcart into a household name.

Today, when you think about Dutch Bros, it's not just the coffee that draws you in (although, let’s admit, it's good). It's the memories of friendly banter with the baristas, the vibrant energy at every drive-thru, and that distinct feeling of community. And to think, it all began with two brothers, a pushcart, and a dream in Grants Pass. 


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1. Is Dutch Bros in Chicago?

Dutch Bros has not yet expanded to Chicago. However, given their rapid growth, it's always worth checking their official website for the latest openings.

2. Is Dutch Bros in Texas?

Dutch Bros hadn't opened any outlets in Texas to date. 

3. Is Dutch Bros International?

No, Dutch Bros currently operates within the United States. They have not expanded internationally.

4. Is Dutch Bros in Colorado?

Yes! Dutch Bros has indeed set up shop in Colorado. Coffee lovers in the Centennial State can enjoy their signature brews.

5. Is Dutch Bros in Utah?

Absolutely. Utah residents and visitors have the privilege of grabbing their favorite Dutch Bros drinks in the Beehive State.

6. Is Dutch Bros in Washington?

Yes, Washingtonians can relish the Dutch Bros experience. The brand has multiple locations in the Evergreen State.

7. Is Dutch Bros in Hawaii?

Dutch Bros has not opened in Hawaii. But as always, keep an eye on their official announcements for any exciting expansions.

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