Dutch Bros Birthday Drink! (Learn how to claim it!)

Dutch Bros Birthday Drink

If you're a Dutch Bros fan, you may have heard rumors about free birthday drinks. Well, the rumors are true! Dutch Bros does offer free birthday drinks to their customers. So, with each birthday, you not only get older but also wiser, with a complimentary Dutch Bros birthday drink to celebrate. Trust Dutch Bros to make your birthday even sweeter!

Wondering how to claim this birthday treat? Concerned about expiration dates? Find answers in the article below.

In this article we'll cover:

  • Dutch Bros Rewards Program Tips & Tricks
  • How To Claim Your Birthday Drink On The Dutch Bros App
  • What Free Drinks Can You Get On Your Birthday?
  • What Are Some Other Dutch Bros Rewards Benefits?
  • Frequently Ask Questions

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Dutch Bros Rewards Program Tips & TricksDutch Bros Birthday Drink

Dutch Bros has a rewards program you can join. When you spend money, you earn points. Then, you can use these points to get free drinks.

As a member, you get a free drink on your birthday. Plus, you also get 50% off a drink on your “half-birthday.” That's twice a year you get rewarded for getting older!

Joining the Dutch Bros Rewards program is easy. Just download their app on your phone or tablet. Then, create an account with your name, phone number, email, and birthday.

How To Claim Your Birthday Drink On The Dutch Bros App

dutch bros app

Here's how I got my free Dutch Bros birthday drink!

Get the Dutch Bros App

I downloaded the Dutch Bros App from the App Store (or Google Play). It's where I can use Dutch Rewards, order online, and pay without touching anything. Unlike Starbucks, there's no way to sign in without the app or a card. It took just a few seconds to download.

Sign Up

I made an account in the app with my name, phone number, and birthday. If you have an iPhone, make sure you get notifications. Signing up only took a few minutes.

Check Rewards

On my birthday, I got a message for a free Dutch Bros drink. It's good for 30 days, but I wanted mine on my birthday!

Get Your Drink

To get my free drink, I opened the app and tapped ‘Dutch Pass' to get my QR code. I showed it to the person at Dutch Bros to get my free birthday drink.

That's it! All I had to do was enjoy my birthday drink.

What Free Drinks Can You Get On Your Birthday?

When it's time to celebrate your birthday, you get a free Dutch Bros birthday drink of any size, up to 32oz. That means you can choose any drink you want!

You can pick from:

You can even customize your drink with things like milk, sugar, syrups, or a Soft Top.

For my birthday drink, I chose a large blended Dutch Classic Double Torture, which has double espresso mixed with chocolate milk and vanilla syrup. And of course, I added whipped cream!

If you're celebrating and haven't signed up for the app yet, it's still worth asking the barista if they'll give you a freebie if you show your ID. They might say no, but try anyway!

What Are Some Other Dutch Bros Rewards Benefits?

Dutch Bros Birthday Drink

Half Birthday Drink For 50% Off

Dutch Bros gives you a half-birthday reward in addition to your birthday freebie.

The half-birthday reward is a 50% discount, which is pretty clever (as long as your cup isn't half-full!). They even have a half-birthday calculator to help you remember when it is!

Unlike the birthday reward, which lasts for 30 days, the half-birthday offer is only valid for 8 days.

Sign Up Points

In addition to the free drink and half-birthday discount, Dutch Bros rewards users with 125 points just for joining Dutch Rewards.

I was pleasantly surprised by this bonus! With every dollar spent earning 3 points, it's like Dutch Bros is saying I've already spent over $40 just by signing up.

Since a free medium drink costs 250 points, signing up means I'm already halfway there!

Earn Points

Just like Starbucks' Star Rewards, Dutch Bros follows a similar pattern: the more you spend, the more you save.

For every dollar spent, you earn 3 points. Plus, Dutch Bros frequently runs special promotions like “Double Dutch, Double the Points,” helping you accumulate points even faster. As if I needed another reason to go for a coffee run!

Share Rewards

Dutch Bros offers a ‘share reward' feature, allowing you to give your unused free drink to someone else. Simply open the app, go to rewards, tap for details, and select ‘share reward.'

You can choose a contact from your list or enter their phone number to send the reward to them.

I frequently share my freebies with my husband, considering I'm the one splurging on Dutch Bros daily!

Pay Through The App

I really appreciate the option to make purchases through the app. It's not only quicker, but it also saves me from rummaging through my purse unnecessarily.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to free birthday drinks, Dutch Bros is ahead of the competition in the eyes of many loyal customers. Not only do they offer birthday drinks, but they also provide a half-birthday discount, which is hard to beat. Just remember, these reward points and your free birthday drink have expiration dates, so make sure to use them while you can.

Signing up for the rewards program through Dutch Bros comes with many benefits besides free birthday drinks. Don't miss out—sign up today! Plus, you can even share your regular rewards with a friend. What's not to love about that?

Frequently Ask Questions

How long is the Dutch Bros birthday reward valid?

The Dutch Bros birthday drink is valid for 30 days after you receive it. You can claim it anytime within this period.

Why didn't my birthday drink show up in the Dutch Bros app?

Your birthday reward appears only on your actual birthday and isn't retroactively given to those signing up afterward. Sometimes there may be app glitches; if so, simply visit the store with your ID, and they'll honor it.

Can I share my birthday drink reward?

No, your free birthday rewards cannot be shared as part of the “Share Rewards” feature.

Do Dutch Bros rewards points expire?

Yes, Dutch Bros reward points expire after 180 days. If unused, they are removed from your account after this time.

Can I have more than one Dutch Bros rewards account?

No, you're only allowed one Dutch Bros account to enjoy the freebies and deals.



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