How Much Does Dutch Bros Pay?

Dutch Bros has become more popular over the years and has become one of the biggest coffee chains on the West Coast. This popular coffee chain has also gathered a lot of loyal customers because of its wide variety of options.

If you are looking for work, Dutch Bros may be a good place to work since it has a positive, fun, and supportive work environment. But, how are Dutch Bros employees paid?

In this article, I will talk about how much Dutch Bros pays and the factors that affect the pay grade of Dutch Bros employees.

In this article:

  • Dutch Bros Overview
  • Salary at Dutch Bros
  • Can You Get a Higher Starting Salary at Dutch Bros
  • Dutch Bros Employee Benefits

Dutch Bros Overview

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Dutch Bros was founded in 1992 by two brothers, Dane and Travis Boersma in Grant Pass, Oregon. The company started as a pushcart selling espresso-based drinks and is now a popular drive-thru coffee chain on the West Coast.

However, it has expanded its location on the East Coast and opened its first location in Florida just this February 2024.

Dutch Bros offers a wide variety of drinks from coffee-based drinks to fruit and refreshing drinks.

Some of Dutch Bros’ popular drinks are its Rebel drinks which are made using Dutch Bros’ own blend of energy drinks and flavored syrup.

For coffee-based drinks, you can get the Golden Eagle Breve which is an espresso-based drink that has vanilla and caramel flavors. Another popular coffee-based drink at Dutch Bros is the Annihilator which has chocolate macadamia nut syrup.

The Broistas, what Dutch Bros call their baristas, are trained to help you have the best drink at Dutch Bros by either recommending what to order off the menu or helping you customize your drink.

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Salary at Dutch Bros

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According to salary comparison websites like Zippia, the average salary of a Dutch Bros employee is $32,764 per year. This roughly translates to about $15 per hour.

However, like with any corporation or business, the salary at Dutch Bros will depend on several factors. The job title and location are two factors that can affect the average salary at Dutch Bros.

If you are planning on applying as a Broista at Dutch Bros, you can expect the salary to be different. According to Indeed, the salary reported for a Broista is about $10 per hour.

A shift leader, on the other hand, can have a salary of $12 per hour. Store managers and regional managers salaries are reported to be $16 to $17 per hour. 

Again, the salary will also depend on the store’s location as well. Dutch Bros stores located at places with higher living costs will typically offer higher salaries. Some states start at $15 per hour as a broista.

Aside from job title and location, other factors that could affect the salary of Dutch Bros employees could be the qualifications, experience, and benefits for full-time employees.

If you have prior barista experience and would like to apply at Dutch Bros, you can negotiate a higher starting salary. Of course, it will still depend if the Dutch Bros location you are applying for can match your asking salary.

As you progress through your career at Dutch Bros, your salary will most likely increase, especially if you get promoted to become a store manager.

HQ employees typically also receive a higher salary plus competitive benefits.

Can You Get a Higher Starting Salary at Dutch Bros?

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As I mentioned earlier, if you have prior barista experience, negotiating your starting salary is definitely possible. You have to highlight your experience and skills during the interview to show them that you can be a valuable member of the team.

If you are applying for a managerial role, your starting salary will be higher as you will have more responsibility in managing the store. If you have been a manager at your previous workplace, you can also negotiate a higher salary highlighting your experience.

When negotiating your salary, you can also take into consideration your cost of living and research the average salary ranges for the position you are applying for.

Dutch Bros Employee Benefits

Aside from being a fun and positive work environment, Dutch Bros also has a couple of perks and benefits for their employees.


If you are applying for a broista role, you are eligible for an educational benefit program after one year of employment. This program makes you eligible for up to $5,250 per year that goes to your education.

There is also a clear pathway for Dutch Bros broistas. You can get promoted to a shift lead, and then to a shop lead. After being a shop lead, you can get promoted to a shop manager, and then a regional manager.

The last career path for a broista is being a regional operator.

Dutch Bros is all about helping out the community so another perk of being a broista is you can have up to 16 hours of paid volunteer time. If you also love helping out in your community, this can be a great opportunity.

And of course, who can forget about employee discounts? If you love Dutch Bros drinks, you can get a discount on your drink!

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HQ Employee

If you are done with your broista days, Dutch Bros also has office roles. If you get accepted in an office role at Dutch Bros, you get to have benefits such as healthcare, dental, and vision coverage.

Paid vacations, such as holidays and sick leaves, are also one of the benefits of being an HQ employee at Dutch Bros. Not only that, you also get to have paid parental leave if you have kids.

Other benefits for Dutch Bros HQ employees are a 401(K) plan, an education benefit program, wellness programs, flexible working schedules, and free access to the HQ’s coffee bar.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a fun environment to work in, Dutch Bros can be a great starting point. Even as a broista, you can have a clear pathway in your career.

If you are thinking of applying at Dutch Bros, make sure to bring in whatever expertise and skills you have. You can use that to negotiate a higher salary. Who knows, they might end up matching what you are asking for.


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