How to Fix Keurig K Supreme & K Supreme Plus Won’t Turn On

how to fix k supreme wont turn on

Not being able to use your coffee maker can create not only a metaphorical headache but for some caffeine addicts like me, a literal one. Keurig K Supreme and K Supreme Plus owners have been known to have problems with their coffee makers not turning on. So if your K Supreme coffee maker is dead with no power, you’re not alone. Let’s get into how to fix it.

If you’re problem isn’t with the Keurig not turning on but rather with it shutting off while brewing, you’re going to want to check out my guide: Why Your Keurig is Shutting Off While Brewing + How to Fix It

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Why Won’t My Keurig K Supreme Turn On?

The most common reason that the Keurig K Supreme and K Supreme Plus coffee makers won’t turn on is that the heat-sensitive safety thermal switch has been tripped and shut the machine off. The thermal switch can be reset by stripping off the Keurig machine’s outer plastic shell and pressing the button on the thermal switch with a paper clip.

How to Fix Keurig K Supreme Won’t Turn On

Check Electrical Power

Start by checking the outlet that your Keurig coffee machine is plugged into. Plug something else into the outlet like your phone charger to make sure that it works properly, or plug your Keurig into a different outlet. This may sound stupidly simple but the last thing you want is to do a bunch of work fixing your Keurig coffee maker when it really just had to be plugged in somewhere else

Make Sure Water Reservoir is Clicked in Place

If the detachable water reservoir tank on the Keurig is not clicked all the way in place, the machine won’t run. Remove the water reservoir and then reattach it so that it clicks all the way into place.

How to Reset the Thermal Switch on Keurig K Supreme

The most common reason for the K Supreme to stop working correctly is that the thermal switch has tripped during machine overheating. The thermal switch is a safety device in the Keurig machine that prevents the coffee maker from overheating and catching on fire.

If the machine gets too hot, the switch will trip and prevent it from brewing more coffee.

The thermal switch in the K Supreme seems to be very sensitive and is often tripped after descaling. This is probably because descaling brews a lot of hot water in a short amount of time, which could lead to overheating.

The thermal switch can also be triggered when the add water light does not come on and the Keurig runs a brew without water. To protect the brewer the switch will trip and keep the machine from brewing since heating up without enough water could cause a fire.

A quick online forum read of others experiencing power issues with their K Supreme shows that manually resetting the thermal switch on the machine will more often than not fix the no-power issue.

However, to reset the thermal switch you’ll need to take off the outer casing of the Keurig, and the whole process could take 30 minutes to an hour. So it’s not a quick fix. But, if you’ve owned your Keurig for longer than a year and no longer have a warranty or return policy covering it, spending an hour fixing the machine could be better than $200 to buy a brand-new one.

If you’re a video person, the below video will walk you through all the steps of disassembling your Keurig and resetting the thermal switch. The video is really high quality and well done. I’ve also included written step-by-step instructions with pictures below.

How to Reset Keurig K Supreme Thermal Switch in 7 Easy Steps

All photo credit to Just a Dad Youtube Channel

What you need: Paperclip, Phillips #1 Screwdriver, Keurig K Supreme that Won’t Turn On

1. We will be exposing wiring and other electronics, so for safety purposes make sure the machine is unplugged before we begin working on it.

2. Flip the machine upside down and remove the two rubber feet and the water reservoir adapter next to the power cord. Use a #1 Phillips to remove three screws from those locations

3. Use a screwdriver to unhook the tabs on the bottom of the Keurig. This will loosen the outer plastic shell.

4. Pry off the plastic shell with a screwdriver at the seam at the base of the Keurig.

5. Slide the plastic cover over the top of the coffee machine

Below is what the Keurig will look like. The piece that the man in the picture is holding is the thermal switch that we are trying to get to. You can see the arrow is pointing to where it is located.

6. Use a paper clip to push the small button in the center of the thermal switch. This will reset the safety device to keep the Keurig from catching on fire. Keep an eye out for melted plastic. If there is some present, that could mean that the Keurig is too damaged to be fixed.

7. Reassemble the Keurig K Supreme by sliding the lid back on.

Watch the water level during future descales and never let the reservoir go empty, since running the machine dry will cause the thermal switch to trip.

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How to Fix Keurig K Supreme Plus Won’t Turn On

Check Electrical Power

Start by checking the outlet you’re using. Plug something else into it like your phone charger to make sure that it works. If you’re lucky, the only fix you’ll need is to move your coffee maker across the kitchen to another outlet.

How to Reset the Thermal Switch on a Keurig K Supreme Plus

Just like the K Supreme, the most common reason that the K Supreme Plus won’t power on is that the sensitive thermal safety switch has been trapped. This can happen during descaling or if the add water light goes out the machine brews without water at some point.

You can see pictures of the heating element and thermal switch in the K Supreme instructions above. That is the piece that we are going to disassemble the K Supreme Plus machine to get to. We will then press that middle button with the paperclip to reset the device.

Reset the K Supreme Plus Thermal Switch in  7 Steps

All photo credit to Just a Dad Youtube Channel

What you need: Paperclip, Phillips #1 Screwdriver, Keurig K Supreme Plus that Won’t Turn On

1. Unplug the power cord for safety.

2. Remove the drip tray, flip the coffee maker upside down, and remove three screws on the bottom

3. Next pop off the plastic casing in the following order

4. On the left side of the now naked machine, you will be able to see and access the thermal switch. Use a paperclip to push the button in the middle.

6. Run a brew to test the reset machine

7. Reassemble by replacing the plastic in the opposite order that you took it off. Put the three screws and two rubber feet in on the bottom.

Watch the water level during future descales and never let it go empty to reduce the chance of a future thermal switch trip. Do allow add water light to come during descaling though since this is how the machine tracks descale progress.

If you’re still having problems with your Keurig machine you can try your hand at contacting Keurig Customer Service at 1-866-901-BREW(2739)

The Best Keurig Model to Replace the K Supreme

Lots of people have problems with the K Supreme and K Supreme Plus. They appear to be fragile machines with thermal switches that can turn the machine off at any moment. If you don’t want to keep opening up and putting back together your coffee maker, I recommend getting a different Keurig model. And there are reliable Keurigs out there!

My favorite Keurig brewer at the moment is the K-Duo. It includes both a 12-cup drip coffee carafe component and a single-serve K-cup Coffee Pod maker. Plus the carafe side can be programmed to start brewing automatically at the time of your choice.

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All photo credit to Just a Dad Youtube Channel


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