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If you’re coffee crazy and you own a Keurig coffee maker, you know how critical it is that your machine works correctly. However, one of the common problems you may run into is your Keurig add water light not working correctly, even when the water level is dangerously low. While this is a fixable problem, there are several reasons why it may occur.

If your Keurig add water light is not coming on or staying on, there are a few potential fixes. Try shaking the water tank first to unstick the floater that tells the machine how high the water level is in the device. If this doesn’t work, you can clean out the water dispensing hole, or you can clean and blow out the tubes in your coffee maker.

Whether your Keurig add water light is flashing, stuck on, or won’t come off, we’ll help you solve this frustrating mystery below so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you want.

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How Does the Keurig Add Water Light Work?

cartoon keurigBefore we dive into how to fix your Keurig’s add water light issue, it’s essential to understand precisely how this feature works. The add water light is a sensor built into the coffee maker that detects how much water you have in your Keurig’s reservoir tank. When the water level dips below a set point, it triggers this sensor. In turn, the light will switch on to let you know it’s time to add more water so you can keep brewing delicious coffee.

The sensor has a float mechanism inside the machine’s water reservoir tank. The float is a very lightweight, small device that sits on the water and moves down or up as the water level fluctuates. The float will also drop when the water level goes below a certain point. This will activate a switch inside your sensor, and your machine will display the “add water” light as a visual cue that your machine needs attention.

You’ll add water to get the float back up to levels above the sensor’s triggering point to use your Keurig again. This also helps ensure you never attempt to run the machine dry, but what happens when this system malfunctions, and which models have it?

Which Keurig Coffee Maker Models Have an Add Water Light

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Did you know that there are over 80 models of Keurig coffee makers available? Every Keurig has a serial number on the machine, which tells you exactly which model you have. The serial number can be behind the drip tray, on the bottom of the device, or behind the water reservoir, and it’ll tell you whether you have a K55 or the K-Elite, or one of the other models the company created.

It’s crucial to figure out what model you have because not all of them come outfitted with the add water light. However, it’s a standard feature on the:

  1. K-Classic
  2. K-Elite
  3. K-Select
  4. K-Mini
  5. K-Mini Plus
  6. K-Compact

In addition, you should note that some Keurig models have a different name for your add water sensor. For example, Keurig’s 2.0 models call it the Water Level Guide, which serves the same purpose as the Add Water light.

How to Fix Keurig Add Water Light Not Coming On

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One very common problem with this sensor is that it refuses to come on, even when the water level drops below the sensor level or the reservoir runs dry. The main reason your Keurig add water light is not coming on is due to a stuck floater in the tank. If the sensor won’t activate, your floater is most likely stuck at a higher point. In turn, this prevents it from dropping down far enough to indicate you have a low water level or an empty tank.

To fix this problem, you want to remove the water tank and gently shake it. This will help the floater come loose from wherever it’s stuck. Ideally, you’ll thoroughly clean the tank after you get the floater loose to prevent it from getting stuck again immediately. While this is generally a more manageable issue, if the problem keeps happening after you attempt to free the floater, you want to keep a close eye on the water level in the tank to ensure it doesn’t run dry and cause damage.

You'll want to check the sensor if you troubleshoot and find that your float isn’t stuck. In this case, you’ll have to replace it, and you’ll want to
contact Keurig customer support for help getting a replacement sensor for your machine.

Check the electrical connection if both the float and the sensor appear to be working. Ensure your outlet is working correctly and your machine has a secure connection. Finally, check the water level. If it’s above the minimum level line and your light still isn’t coming on, you may need customer support to order a replacement light.

How to Fix Keurig Add Water Light that Stays On

The floater is usually the culprit when you have a problem with your Keurig’s add water warning light. However, if the floater gets stuck anywhere, it can cause your machine not to work correctly.

It’s common for the floater to get stuck due to
scale buildup or because you haven’t had to use your Keurig for a few weeks. To fix this problem, you’ll want to start by taking out the water tank and gently shaking it until the floater comes free. Then, fill the reservoir again and see if your light goes off. If it doesn’t, the following options may resolve it:

Clean Your Water Reservoir
The small hole in your Keurig where the water goes into the coffee machine can be very dirty from general buildup and limescale, especially if you don’t use filtered water in your coffee maker.

Remove it from the machine to clean the reservoir and dump the water out. If you look inside the reservoir, you’ll spot the hole that dispenses water. You won’t be able to reach it with your hand, so you can take a brush,
like the one below, and try to scrub it from the inside. Another option is to pop the entire reservoir into the dishwasher.
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You can’t reach it with your hand, so you can take a brush and try cleaning it from the inside or put it in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to clean the other side with a brush as well.

Remove the Air or Water Stuck in the Overflow Tube
Another common reason your Keurig add water light stays on is that water or air gets stuck in the overflow tubing in the coffee machine. Remove the cap off your water tank and look for the silicone tube that sticks out of the upper left corner of the coffee maker. You’ll see it if you look at it from the side, and this is the end of the overflow tube.

Dump out any remaining water in the tank and blow on this tube using either a
balloon pump or your mouth. If you hear water or air escaping, this should fix your problem.

Clean Out Any Dirt and Debris Buildup from the Tubing
Along with air and water, it’s possible to have a buildup of dirt and debris in the tubing. To clean it, you’ll have to remove the top cover on the front of your Keurig. Depending on the model you picked, you’ll do this by pressing out two clips that secure the cap or unscrewing two screws from the bottom of the machine.

Once you remove the cap, you’ll see that one tube connects to a white part that sends water to the K-cup. You can carefully pull this tube off the white connection point. This tube can clog with coffee residue and limescale, so you’ll want to clean it. Once you clean out the tube, you want to gently blow into it to clear out any lingering debris. Next, reassemble your Keurig and see if the light goes off.
How to Fix Keurig Add Water Light Flashing
If your Keurig add water light is flashing, your Keurig machine is not detecting the water reservoir, or there might be an issue with the reservoir itself. Here are some steps you can take to try to fix the problem: 
  • Make Sure the Water Reservoir has a Proper Seal – If your water reservoir doesn’t have a good seal, this can throw off your sensor. Remove it from the machine and carefully put it back in place, ensuring a secure fit. You shouldn’t be able to wiggle it around if it has a good seal. 
  • Check the Reservoir for Damage – Inspect the reservoir for any damage or cracks. If you find anything, you’ll want to replace it.
  • Check the Water Filter – If you use unfiltered water, it’s very easy for your Keurig filter to get clogged or dirty, impacting the sensor. If it’s dirty or clogged, replace it and see if the light quits flashing.
  • Add Water – The light would flash because your reservoir's water level is too low. If this is the case, refill it and try again.
  • Clean the Whole Machine – Over time, with repeated use, mineral deposits can build up inside Keurig and cause issues. Get a descaling solution and run it through a cycle to clean the machine.

How to Fix Keurig K Supreme Add Water Light Not Working

How to Fix Keurig K Select Add Water Light Not Working

If your K Select add water light isn't working I recommend checking out the video above.


Keurig is an immensely popular coffee machine brand, so it’s common to have many questions surrounding them, especially when they’re not working as they should. A few frequently asked questions include but are not limited to:

1. Where is the water sensor on your Keurig coffee maker?

You’ll find the magnet inside the water reservoir of the machine. This water level sensor lets you know when it’s time to refill it.

2. How do you descale your Keurig?
To get into descale mode, you will need to follow a few simple steps:
  • Fill the reservoir with water and put a descale solution K-cup into the holder.
  • Place a large mug or cup on the drip tray and run a brew cycle. Repeat this process until the water reservoir is empty.
  • Fill the reservoir with clean water and run several more brew cycles to rinse the machine.
  • Dispose of the water and repeat the process with clean water
3. How do you tell if your Keurig has a clog?
If your Keurig doesn’t brew full cups of coffee, this can be a sign of a clog. You want to wash all removable parts with warm, soapy water and rinse them well. Run a cleaning cycle on your machine, and double-check all tubing for buildup.

Wrapping Up

The Keurig Add Water Light is an important feature that tells you when to refill the water reservoir. However, sometimes it may malfunction or stop working altogether. The process for fixing the add water light will vary depending on the specific issue you’re experiencing.

If the light is not coming on, you may need to clean the sensor or replace the circuit board. If the light stays on, it may be due to a malfunctioning float valve or sensor. And if the light is flashing, it may indicate a brewing issue or a clog in the machine. By troubleshooting and fixing the add water light issue, you can ensure your Keurig continues functioning correctly and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time.
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