What is Keurig Multistream Technology? We Explain

what is keurig multistream

Love the convenience and ease of your Keurig but are disappointed with the flavor? A new feature on some Keurig models called “Multistream” is trying to improve the quality of Keurig coffee while keeping the signature speed & convenience. 

So what is Keurig Multistream?

Keurig MultiStream Machines have multiple needles to puncture K-Cups in more than one spot. This allows water to flow more evenly through the coffee grounds with the goal of creating a richer and more consistent coffee extraction and flavor.

Traditional Keurig machines make a single hole in the center of the K-Cup. This method is efficient but might not extract all the layered flavors your favorite coffee offers. MultiStream seeks to address this through more full water distribution over the beans. Your K-Cup pod is being showered from different angles, rather than just getting a single stream.

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  • Is the Keurig K-Supreme Worth It?

What is Keurig Multistream?

One of the biggest criticisms of Keurig coffee makers is their lack of strong flavor. Keurig's new MultiStream Technology is an addition to some of their new models that works to get more consistent flavor out of K-Cup pods.

Traditional Keurig machines only made one hole in the middle of the K-Cup. MultiStream Technology makes holes in the K-Cup in 5 places. This lets water flow through several streams, which covers the coffee grounds more evenly. 

Which Keurig Models have Multistream Technology?

Keurig k supreme

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Keurig has incorporated MultiStream Technology can be found in the Keurig K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus models. Keurig might release more models with this technology in the future, but for now these are the only two.

You can check out the Keurig K Supreme on Amazon here.

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Does Keurig Multistream Make a Difference?

The real question we all have is if Keurig multistream actually works. Does it taste notably better? Is it worth the price?

Individual taste preferences will partially determine whether Keurig's MultiStream Technology makes a noticeable difference in the taste and quality of the coffee, but here's our best breakdown of the overall consensus:

  • Theoretical Benefits – From a technical standpoint, the MultiStream Technology is designed to enhance flavor extraction. By saturating the coffee grounds more evenly through multiple streams of water instead of a single central stream, the idea is that the water can interact with a greater surface area of coffee grounds, causing a fuller flavor extraction.

  • User Feedback Some Redditors have reported a noticeable improvement in the taste and richness of their coffee with machines that use MultiStream Technology. However, others claimed it was only a marginal improvement in the flavor.

  • Consistency – Consistency is one of the possible benefits of MultiStream. Because the grounds are more equally soaked and you're not relying on only one stream, it might result in a more consistent cup of coffee.

  • Taste Subjectivity – It's essential to remember that taste is highly subjective. What one person finds as a huge improvement, another might see as negligible. Some coffee lovers might notice the subtle flavors the MultiStream brings out, while casual coffee drinkers might not taste a big difference. I fall into the more casual coffee drinker category, so I’d personally be hard-pressed to notice anything different unless it was a huge change. I think regular single-stream Keurig coffee tastes fine.

  • Type of Coffee – The difference might also depend on the coffee used. Some blends and roasts will benefit more from the enhanced extraction than others.

  • Comparison with Other Brewing Methods – While Keurig's MultiStream Technology is an improvement over their conventional single-stream approach, some coffee enthusiasts might still favor the French press, pour-over, or espresso to get a coffee bean's full flavor profile.

While the MultiStream Technology is Keurig's attempt to improve the brewing process and flavor extraction, the jury is still out on whether the improvement is dramatic enough to be worth the investment. It seems that most people can't tell the difference, but it definitely doesn't make a worse-tasting cup of coffee, so I won't say to not buy it.

However, there are other factors that go into whether or not you should buy the K-Supreme. We'll discuss those below.

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Is the Keurig K-Supreme Worth It?

cartoon keurig machine

While the Multistream feature of the Keurig K Supreme has caught the interest of those looking for a more fresh and flavorful daily brew, there are some other factors to consider before purchasing this specific model.

Many people complain about the durability of the K Supreme. The machine is known to overheat and cause a short circuit that can only be fixed by opening up the machine internally and resetting it or returning it for a new one. The good news is that Keurig has a 1-year warranty with which you can get the machine replaced for free. If you buy it from Costco, you can also return the coffee maker no questions asked. 

I'm not saying not to buy the K Supreme, but keep in mind that it has some well-known issues that could create a headache.

You can learn more about the issue in our guide explaining how to fix it: How to Fix Keurig K Supreme & K Supreme Plus Won't Turn On

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